Hi I am Molly. I would do better in a house with adults and/or older children, because I am shy and timid. I need a little confidence boost. I takes me time to warm up to new things. I love being around people! I love them so much that I miss them when they are gone. I would benefit from a patient owner who will work with me on things like crate training and help me stay calm and relaxed when I’m home alone.


I’m kind of a shy guy, let’s take it slow and get to know one another. Let me know you’re a friendly person by giving me a treat. I’ve lived with other dogs in my previous home, so if you have a resident dog just set up a meet-and-greet with the Adoption Team to make sure we’ll get along. I’m working on my housetraining, and I’m doing very well! A primer and a good routine once I get home will help me the rest of the way. Let’s spend a little time together!


Are you ready for an adventure? Let’s go on one! I’m an active fellow who would appreciate an active home and family that will prioritize playing with me and helping me get my wiggles out. I’m super smart! I’d be a great candidate for Kongs and other interactive puzzle toys to help keep my mind occupied. I love being close to people. I’ve lived with cats and kids in my previous home. Keeping my busy brain engaged and providing a fun, enriching environment is a must for me so I don’t invent any jobs to do. If you have an aspiring dog trainer at home who wants a dog to teach tricks or agility, I’d love to meet them! We can work together to show off all our amazing potential!


Hunter loves to carry his toys and enjoys a great variety of plush and chew toys. He’s happy to share his toys with you. Hunter likes to snuggle up on his dog bed with his toys and when he tires of one, he’ll return to the toy box to select another then return to his bed. Recommended for a home with no young children or cats. He has a very forward greeting behavior with other dogs. His intent is friendly, but not very well-mannered. A meet ‘n greet if adopter has other dogs will be required. He enjoys nice long leash walks and would make a great active companion – possibly a running partner or participant in a dog sport. He’s a growing puppy that is still learning and will need some structure in his life. If you’re interested in this lovely guy, then contact the shelter for more information.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

I’m an outgoing and gregarious lady. I’m a little forward when I first meet new people, so I might jump up and try to give you kisses. I’m social and eager to get to know you. I’m very smart and already know how to sit. When you have a treat in your hand, you are my whole world. I will pay very close attention and am eager to please you.

Valley Girl

Hey! Are you looking to add a lively and enthusiastic pup to your life? Valley Girl here just might be the perfect match. She is very good at sitting on command and doing her signature “leap-and-spin-in-a-circle” move. If you are looking to add some fun and excitement to your life, come in and check out Valley Girl!


Brodi is a large (73lbs) adult (1 year old) Lab/Border Collie dog mix that was surrendered to us a couple of months ago when his previous owners were moving and were unable to take him with them.

Brodi is a very active large dog that can be fun to be around if you can manage his behavior. He lacks basic manners and is prone to jumping, mouthing during play, barking, pulling very hard on leash and countersurfing. His size and strenth can make him difficult for some to handle and he has been in and out of a few different homes.

He’s best suited for a home without young children. Ideal adopter will have experience with training large breed dogs lacking in basic manners and obedience. His behavior can be modified through training and teaching him to make better choices. He loves playing in the dog pool and playing fetch. He is said to be crate trained, mostly housebroken and previously lived with some small dogs despite the other dog not liking Brodi.

Brodi requires special counseling due to his behavioral needs. If you are interested in Brodi submit an adoption application and special form by copy and pasting the link below into your browser. A member of our staff will review your information and contact you regarding next steps.