Hello friend! I could use a little TLC to get my coat back to being nice and fluffy, but I’m an inquisitive, friendly guy just trying to make my way in the world.


Hey there! I’m a curious little fellow who’s pretty outgoing and gentle so far. I’ve been living with my brothers so I’m used to company. I could use a little TLC to get my coat looking nice, but that doesn’t keep me from being a fun little guy who likes to make friends at all. Come check me out!


Hello! I am an albino rat, which is why my eyes are pinkish red. I can have a great life just like non-albino rats but I just can’t see as well as my dark-eyed compatriots. I can be a little sensitive to bright lights, so giving me a little dark place to hang out and rest my eyes is just perfect. Come check me out!