Hi there! I’m Chuggington! I’m a Chug: half chihuahua, half pug! I’m so excited to meet you!!! So excited in fact, that I might pee a little bit when we first meet. Sorry about that. I’m just little and still learning how to control my excitement. I am a rolly polly little fellow who will need a family who has the time and energy to keep up with me! I’m young and exuberant! I am a little mouthy, but I love to chew on toys, so that’s a good place for my mouth to be in this stage of my development. I took this little personality test and it says that I am an externally motivated thrill-seeker! WOO-HOO! This is so cool! Have you tried this ride called LIFE yet? It’s got all these great twists and turns and so many neat things to play with like balls, fleece toys, rawhides, socks, pant legs, fingers – and so many neat people to meet – you, your friends, your friends’ friends and the friends of your friends’ friends. Jump on board and we’ll have a blast together!