I’m super social and snuggly! Pet me and I’ll sit at your feet, then roll over and let you rub my belly. Rub it for long enough and I might fall asleep! I sit for treats and will even stand up on my back legs to beg. It’s probably a bad habit, but it’s really stinkin’ cute, so I get away with it. I like my food and don’t like to share, so hands off while I’m eating. I love playing with toys! Let’s play together! I get along ok with other dogs I’ve met at the shelter. If you have a resident dog at home, fill out an application then bring them in so we can meet!


I’m friendly and outgoing. I jump up on people gently when I first meet them. I enjoy going for walks and making new friends. I’m an avid couch potato and consider myself a bit of an expert at the art of relaxation. I’m not a fan of cats. I will chase them and bark at them when I see them, so my ideal forever home will be cat free please. I have met other dogs and have gotten along okay with everyone I’ve met so far. I’m usually pretty eager to greet at first and might pull on the leash or bark a little bit. If you have a dog at home already, let’s plan to do a meet and greet before you take me home. You can talk to the folks at the front desk about how to make that happen. I’m also a little nervous around men when I first meet them. If you’re a man, let’s take it slowly. If you crouch down to my level, it will make me feel a lot safer.