Titus went missing from Union Springs Road, Dayton, VA, 22821 on 08/27/2022. He went missing without any forms of identification (collar, microchip, etc.).


Went missing from Union Springs Road, Dayton, VA, 22821 on 08/29/2022. He was last seen without any forms of identification.

Is said to be skittish with strangers.


Sassafras is eager to be your next lapdog. Laps are her favorite place to be and she’ll be sure to give you a hug and some kisses while she’s there. She’s a bouncy little girl and she’s always dancing, but she knows when it’s time to settle in for bedtime. Sassafras isn’t picky when it comes to her snacks, so learning some new tricks should be a breeze! Schedule some time to come and meet her now.


Snicklefritz may have a bit of a mischievous side, but this quirky little fella also has lots of love to give. He is ready to settle down with a nice family and spend the rest of his days getting yummy treats and belly rubs. Check him out ASAP!


Let me guess: You sing in the car. Loudly. Off-key. And did I mention loudly? Or you snore, or talk in your sleep, or like to practice your bagpipe playing. Well, that might make a lesser dog than I, Max, have second thoughts about coming to live with you and love you, but not me! That’s because my heart is SO ENORMOUS and my potential for devotion is PRACTICALLY BOTTOMLESS. Tell me you’re not frantically reading these words, thinking, “I must find out how to adopt this dog RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!” Calm down, off-key-singing person! I have all the information you need to adopt me, or share me with some other bagpipe-playing human who needs me in their life.


Dog went missing on 10/11/2021 from Pleasant Ln in McGaheysville, Va. Dog was wearing a nylon/cloth collar with tags, a costume/outfit and is microchipped. Dog is also blind has a lump on his shoulder and has diabetes.


Look no further, your queen has arrived! Cleopatra is a photogenic beauty who is ready to be adored. She enjoys being held, pet, and given lots of love. If you open your lap to her, she might just open her heart to you. This little lady has big dreams and can’t wait to achieve them, so come meet Cleopatra today!