Hello! I’m the lovely little yellow bird. I’m a young bird who hasn’t really developed my cere color yet, but going by the looks of things I’m probably a male. I arrived with my friend Cointreau and we would like to stay together. We’re just $30 to adopt a pair. A little patience would help us learn that you mean us no harm, or you can just observe our lovely plumage from afar.


Hello there! I’m the lovely bird with the bright “jungle green” plumage. I arrived with my friend Mimosa, who is much younger. I’m thriving in a stable environment with good nutrition, but due to a vitamin deficiency my cere hasn’t quite decided what color it’s going to be yet. Now that I have a good food source, it should make up its mind and you’ll be able to tell if I’m male or female soon. Though I’m not “finger tamed,” I enjoy some gentle attention from my human companions. I like to whistle and sing with you! Take it slow with me and I might open up, or you can observe my lovely colors from afar. I’d very much like to go home with my friend Mimosa. We’re just $30 to adopt together!