Hiya! I am Yukon. I am a very special, gentle, spirit. I have had a hard life and I am very fearful of new people and new environments. I will take some time to warm up to you. However, I LOVE dog friends and toys. In my foster home I have mastered being house and crate trained. This whole “house dog” gig isn’t too bad! I have come a long way – and I am looking for a family with enough love to see my progress through.


Meet Kodiak, a gentle soul with an independent spirit. She is very shy and nervous around new people and will need some time to adjust to new people and a new environment. She finds lots of comfort in her crate and views it as a safe space when the world around her feels scary. Kodiak also thrives in the company of her fellow dogs, displaying a sociable side. Because of how nervous she is around people, she will do best in a home that is calm and quiet, and would likely do better with older children who display a level of understanding with how to respectfully interact with a shy/nervous dog. The journey to earn her trust might be a bit lengthy, but once you do, you’ll have a loyal, smart, and gentle companion by your side. If you’re interested in changing this girls life and giving her a calm, stable and safe home, come to the shelter today!