Found Dog

This dog was found on 4/26/2024 at Goose Pond Rd, Standardsville VA. Dog has no forms of ID, but has an indent where a collar was and recently trimmed nails. Finder suspects he may have come from over the ridgeline that separates Rockingham county and Greene county.


Hi there, I’m Theo! I’m a young fella with a heart full of love. I’m sweet as candy, always ready to make new friends. I love to play, run around, and learn new tricks. I’m quite the smart cookie, you know. I’ve mastered ‘sit’, and I love to show off by going under your legs but I’m eager to learn more tricks! I’ve got energy to spare and I promise to keep you on your toes. But don’t worry, I also love cuddle time after a fun-filled day.


We see the sky every day, but it’s never as beautiful is this Sky! She loves to be at the center of attention everywhere she goes and can’t get enough pets. Sky is super smart and knows commands such as “sit,” “paw,” and “down.” She warms up to everyone quickly and would love to meet you! Come fill out an application and meet this loving dog today!


Luna is looking for her forever home! At about two years old, she’s full of spunky energy and loves playing. Her breed is uncertain but carries similarities to the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute varieties. Despite being an active dog, we have yet to hear her bark. House trained? Check! Intelligence? Double check! This sweet girl learns fast, making her one fantastic friend if evening strolls excite you or your household members! She’s super soft and fluffy too, making a great cuddle companion!