Meet Coco! This girl may come off as shy at first, but don’t let that fool you! Coco loves to love! Coco is looking for someone to show her that the world isn’t as scary as she makes it out to be. She warms up quickly to new people and shows her goofy, energetic personality. She’s done well around children, but due to her being a bit nervouse, she would do best in a home with older children or children who display a lever of understanding or knowledge on how to respectfully interact with dogs. She said to be crate trained, housebroken and has done well interacting with dogs. She loves car rides, playing with toys or with her people and being a part of anything you do, even if its just staring at you. If you’re interested in meeting Coco, come to the shelter today!


Sadie is an easy going and loving dog. She is house trained and is able to be left alone in the house with no issues. She is good with small children and other dogs. Sadie will be a wonderful addition to your family.


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This dog was found on Orkney Springs Rd and Deer Lick Ln, Broadway, VA, 22815 on 03/20/2024. She was found with no forms of identification


Fern is super sweet. She may be the sweetest dog I have ever cared for. Her beautiful copper-colored eyes clearly reflect her kind soul. Fern loves people and is great with other dogs. Within 5 minutes of meeting our resident dogs, she wanted to run and play. My dogs love her. Fern came to us with some wonderful, yet unusual, manners for a dog that does not appear to have lived in a house prior to the shelter. She stands still patiently while we put her harness on her. She also loves to ride in the car. She quickly settles down in the back seat and sleeps while riding. She only gets up if you pull into a drive-thru where she hopes to get a “pup-cup. She is a huge Starbucks fan!

Fern loves to run and is so fast that she looks like a ball in mid-air when she is at a full run. When let in from outside, she loves doing zoomies around the room. While she can show a lot of energy, she also loves laying at your feet when you are working at your desk or sitting next to you on the couch. She is a cuddle bug. When she wants to show you she loves you, she will lean her head against yours or place her paw on your hand or knee. Her gentleness is so clear when she is interacting with her people.

Fern is also crate trained. If you leave the crate door open, she will at times opt to go lay on her bed in her crate. She has come a long way on her house manners. Originally, Fern was afraid of stairs, but she now goes up and down them with no problem. She also likes looking at her reflection in the tv (see attached photo). Fern is doing well on her house-training. She would benefit from continued reinforcement of good house-breaking habits including going out as soon as she comes out of the crate and before being let to run in the house. Fern also needs either a high fence or to be leash walked. A four-foot fence will not prevent her from jumping over.

We have not cat tested her because she is interested in our cats and chickens. When she walks by them on the leash, she does not act aggressive toward them, just interested.


Meet Maple! She’s ready to be adopted into a loving, forever home. Maple loves her people, but she especially loves her couch. Some of her hobbies include watching TV, snuggling on the couch, and army-crawling anywhere and everywhere. She’s working on gaining confidence to go on neighborhood walks, but she loves running around in the backyard. She’s crate-trained and sleeps through the night in her crate with no problems. Maple is a little skeptical of new things, but she’s gained a lot of confidence quickly and we know that with some love and patience she’ll be a great addition to someone’s family!


Daisy is a cheerful and adorable hound. She is around 1 year old and still has cute puppy features while being very trainable and great at relaxing. In her foster home, she is crated for several hours each day and all night long. She never makes a peep at night! She’s made a lot of progress with potty training. She’s very food motivated and is learning quickly on the leash. She knows “sit” and “come” and her name without distractions, and she’s starting to get those even when other fun stuff is happening. She follows her nose and is very cute and funny to watch. She’s really loving and gets so excited to see us when we get home. She’d make a great companion for anyone especially someone who has older kids and/or dogs who want to play then cuddle.