Lima Bean

This dog was found at Hone Quarry, Hone Quarry Road, Briery Branch, VA, on 08/22/2020. She is wearing 3 different collars: a red collar, a hunting training collar (?) and a white collar, but is not microchipped.


Meet Sebastian, the cutest hound around. While he is considered a senior at 7 years old, he still has lots of playfulness in him. He is here just waiting for you to come to meet him. Just look at him, you know you want to.


Caramel is a 10-month-old hound with a LOT of energy to burn! This young pup is the happiest, most excitable dog we’ve seen in a while. He literally JUMPS for joy when he’s happy (which is often). He’s currently looking for a family to play with all day long and love him unconditionally. Since he is very young and LOVES treats, I’m sure he would be so eager for you to help him learn some fun tricks too.

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