Bill Nye the Houndy Guy

Hi, Bill Nye the Houndy Guy here. I have a calm temperament and am treat motivated. I like to play and will match the energy of my human playmate. I have my priorities sorted! I’m an easy-going soul who prefers a nap and a pat. I love treats and cookies, and I’m very gentle receiving them. If your idea of a “marathon” involves Netflix and/or Hulu, I’d love to hold the other end of the couch down for you! I have been vaccinated, flea treated & dewormed. I have been tested for heartworms and tick-borne diseases and I am clear of everything. My adoption fee includes a microchip ID. I am a senior, so if you’re also a senior, let’s talk. I qualify for the Seniors for Seniors program! That means for people aged 55 and over, my fee is reduced to a $30 adoption fee + $55 neuter deposit = $85 in total! If you are not a senior, let’s chat anyway. If you have any questions please talk to the Adoption Team at the front desk or by calling 540-434-5270.