Hello there! Ouiser here! It’s pronounced “whee-zuh”. Just like the French word “oui” meaning “yes”! And I am absolutely positively tickled to meet you! I like to jump up and greet people, but don’t worry I’m very gentle and sweet. I just like to think I can fit in your lap. As a matter of fact, if you’d like to sit with me for a while I will nuzzle into your lap just for a good cuddle. I’m one of the rare dogs that really enjoys hugs from people I’ve gotten to know first. I’m a social butterfly and like to explore all around the room. If you take me out for a walk, I like to sniff every blade of grass I pass! Since I’m such a sweetie, I’d likely do well in just about any home with a little gentle coaching and guidance about rules. I’m pretty smart and pick up on things fairly quickly, especially if I get a treat for doing a good job. Let’s spend some time together!