**This animal is not available adoption.**

This cat was found on Turleytown Rd and Horn Mill Dr, Broadway, VA, 22815. He was found without any forms of identification.


Hi! I’m Boots! A laid back cat that’s a bit of a mama’s girl. My mom, E.I, and me have been together through thick and thin so we do a good job of comforting one another. I might not be quite as brave as my mom, but as long as I’m handled gently I love to cuddle and play. I’m open to having new feline siblings, and I even get along with some of the smaller humans if they can be gentle and considerate. So why not adopt us? We’ve got double the love to give with half the fuss! All we need is a forever home and loving family.

Lost Cat

Lost cat went missing on 3/29/24 from Lake Pointe Dr. in Harrisonburg, VA. Was wearing a collar and is reported to have one crooked ear.




**This animal is not available for adoption.**

Ophelia was found on Devon Lane and Sully Drive, Harrisonburg, VA on 04/11/2024. She originated from the RHSPCA and has a known owner.