Buddy Boy

Buddy Boy is a mature little lad who just wants to spend quality time with you. He’d love it if you had some time to spare and took him for a good play session with his toys too! Like any hound, Buddy Boy just wants to be able to enjoy sitting by the campfire or chilling on the porch with a loving family. He’d make a great outdoor pal. Think Buddy Boy could be your BFF? Schedule an appointment to meet him today!


Hello kind human, I’m Travis. I am a very handsome, well mannered, intelligent man. I would enjoy another four legged companion in the home so that we could romp about all day and spend most of it with our noses to the ground. I really like treats and I really like following scents so a game of hide and seek with your kids, or a lost tv remote, would be perfect for me. If you’d like me as your hide and seek partner, come see me today !