My name is Jolene. I am shy at first but warm up with kind words and treats. I am very affectionate and friendly. If you have a dog at home please schedule a meet and greet with staff.


I’m a gentle soul looking for the same. I’m a little shy at first but warm up with quiet affection. I get excited about going on walks, so don’t be surprised if I jump around in my kennel. I love getting out for a sniff! I could use a gentle hand and some nice treats when I learn new things, so if that sounds like something you could provide I might just be the right pup for you! I love other dogs and really blossom and come out of my shell around them. If you’re looking for a playmate for your resident pooch, let’s set up a meet and greet to see if we’re a good match.


I’m a hound dog from my nose to my tail. I follow my nose wherever it goes, so try to keep up when you walk me! I was wandering as stray when I found my way to the SPCA, so the folks here don’t know much about me. So far, they’ve learned that I am very affectionate and love attention. I’m a little bit nervous and make a little whiny sound sometimes, but with some reassurance and a confidence boost, I think I would blossom! I’m a little bit shy with other dogs, but am glad to meet them. If you have a dog already, I’d love to meet them first before I become your forever dog!


Blitzen here! When I came to the shelter I was super skinny and in need of some TLC. Thankfully, the folks here helped me put on a few pounds and now I’m a much happier and healthier dog! I’m kinda shy at first, but I love treats and am learning to be a dog! I spent most of my life tied up outside before I came here, so it’s nice to have a warm bed to snuggle up in! I love other dogs and if you have one at home, I’d love to meet them before we go home!


Hey there! I’m just a big ol’ guy who loves the simple things in life. I like squeaky toys and yummy treats. I like walks and running around, though I also really like getting to where I’m going so I pull pretty hard sometimes. Treats when I’m doing well will help me learn! If you’re an easy going person who maybe has a big yard or lots of patience and a leash, I might be the right pup for you!