Weighing in at just 8.6lbs, Pixie is a tiny gal looking for a good home to retire in. She is 6 and 3 quarters (she made us add that) years old. This little lady is missing some teeth but she has no problem gobbling up some small bites mixed with water. If you have a small space, she is the perfect small companion for you.


Luna is a spunky little lady who’s still on the shy side of things. She loves any kind of soft, meaty treat you may have stashed away in your pocket. Luna is a very loving lady when she’s given the chance to come to you rather than you to her. Her bouncy and playful side is sure to show when she’s running around outside with her potential new buds. Give this little lass some time and patience and she’ll be your new loyal companion. Come check out her adorable pointy ears and her happy feet for yourself!