Jessie’s Grrrl

Hi there! Once you get to know me, you’ll also wish you had Jessie’s Grrrl! I’m a super sweetheart who is just as social as she can be! I love being close to people. I like trying to sit on laps and I even really like getting hugs and cuddles. I do pull a bit on the leash, so be prepared if you take me for a walk; however, I check in frequently to make sure you’re keeping up, that I’m going the right way, and that you are also enjoying the cool thing I’m sniffing! I can be a little gregarious when I meet a new dog friend, I like to jump up on them too. Since this greeting style isn’t for every canine, let’s arrange a meet and greet with the Adoption Team so your resident pup can get to know me before going home. I’ve got the good looks, sweet personality, and eagerness to learn new things to keep my person happy. Let’s see if we’re a good match!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Most folks are looking for it, and some folks have found it: that’s right, I’m a Crazy Little Thing Called Love! You can call me “Love” or “Lovey” for short. I’m super affectionate and social. I love putting my front half in laps and just hanging out getting some affection. I’m very gentle about it, and I’d do well in a home where this little quirk could continue, especially as praise for doing something right. While I like treats, I’m much more motivated by praise. So far I’ve been pretty chill when it comes to meeting new dogs and people. I can get a little nervous with strangers, so don’t be too surprised if I tinkle when we first meet! In dog language, I’m letting you know that you’re in charge of the situation. I’ve likely spent a lot of time outside, so patience and praise will go a long way to helping me adjust to being a house dog. I want so badly to be close to people, so being inside with my new family is just right for me. Since I jump up to say hello, I’d do best in a home with kids 8+ so I don’t knock anyone over by accident while I learn the ropes. If you have a dog already, I’d love to meet them! Arrange a play date with the Adoption Team to make sure we all get along. Are you ready for love? Come see me!