When Ryder came into our care he was so terrified of people that we could not touch him. It is clear to us that he had never previously lived in a home before, or ever been shown love. Since being in his foster home, he has slowly begun to come out of his shell. He is very good friends with the resident dog in his foster home, and loves to play outside in the fenced yard with her. He is still fearful indoors and enjoys the security of his crate, and his fluffy bed. He prefers to be in the same room and within eyesight of his people, but isn’t comfortable approaching for attention yet. Ryder needs a calm, quiet, forever home with humans who are willing to give him the time that he needs to acclimate to indoor dog life. If you ask us, he is TOTALLY worth it. Have you seen the guy? A total cutie!

Milo *DO NOT DELETE – DUPE. OF #2248*

Dog was brought in by ACO. Dog was found on Central Ave and South St. in Harrisonburg, Va. on 9/10/22. Dog was found wearing a collar.

RHVA-Stray-rh238 (Prior Intake “Jack”)

* This dog is a stray. It is not yet available for adoption *

It was found on 09/05/2022 on Singers Glen Road in the area of Peter Driver Drive, in Rockingham County Va. He is wearing a collar without tags and has no microchip.


Bella went missing from South Branch Rd, Elkton, VA, 22827 on 08/25/2023. She went missing wearing a choke chain/prong collar. Her owner notes she “is very sweet and friendly” but may be shy with humans she is not familiar with.