Gemma is a large (77 pounds) senior (9 year old) beagle mix that was brought to us when her owners were not able to continue caring for her healthcare needs. Gemma was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is currently on medication to manage the diagnosis.

Gemma is a spunky girl with lots of personality and a knack for being independent and water sports. She enjoys playing with tennis balls and will even jog to chase them but her favorite thing to do is go for a swim. She will roll all about in the pool and try to dig through it as much as she can. Gemma is still working on housebreaking and has accidents inside from time-to-time.

He’s best suited for a home with older children that can understand her need for personal space on occasion. She has done great in play groups and often prefers a more active play mate. Gemma’s ideal adopter will have experience with house training and have patience and understanding for her healthcare needs. Come meet Gemma today!