Ally McBealer

I’m part beagle and part heeler, which makes me . . . Ally McBealer! I’m a bit on the shy side when you first meet me. I’d appreciate it if you go slow and let me feel safe before we get too close. I need a little time before I’ll trust you fully, but I raise my right paw and swear that once you earn my trust, you’ll have it forever. I have met other dogs at the shelter and get along with them. If you have a dog at home already, let’s plan to do a meet and greet before we seal the deal.


I know I look a tad bit “ruff” but I came to RH-SPCA with bad case of flea dermatitis. Now that all those buggies aren’t on me and I’ve have some good medicated baths, I’m ready to start my new adventure in life! It’s not certain whether or not the hair that is missing will grow back, but I’m just as handsome without it….it gives me character! I’m sure once you meet me, you’ll see how loving I am and not even pay attention to my looks!