Hi, I’m Henry! I’m about a year old and likely and English Spot breed.
I’m pretty chill and love to relax, but after a few days of getting acclimated to my environment, my curious side is starting to show! I love exploring with my sense of smell and taking in every detail of my surroundings.
I have spurts where I’m active, then I like to flop over and take a little nap to recover. Then I’m right back to exploring! I also like to play with toys and move them around my enclosure.
Food is a big motivator- I especially love veggies, pellets, and of course, treats. I need a little convincing to eat as much hay as I should. I’m getting pretty good at using the litter box, though I sometimes have an accident here or there. I’m getting the hang of it quickly, though!
I love attention and all of the snuggles. I’ll even let you hold me, though I prefer to be on my own feet. I could lay next to you while being pet forever, especially if it includes head scratches!