Maive was surrendered to us due to her family going through difficulties unrelated to Maive. Maive is a two year old, energetic girl. Maive lived with adults, children, cats and when her owners were out of town, she would stay with family friends who owned 5 Pitbull’s. Maive has never interacted with smaller dogs, but she did live with two cats. They said that Maive would try to excitedly play with the cats, but the cats were uninterested so they would keep their distance. Maive got along really well with the children but due to her high energy levels, she’s known to knock the smaller children around. Maive never had a set bathroom schedule so she would often use the bathroom in her crate when she was left alone. Maive is also said to be destructive when left alone so that is why she would be put in her crate. She also needs some work with her leash manners but she is getting more comfortable walking on a leash. She also has not shown any signs of resource guarding. If you’re interested in meeting Maive, come by the shelter today!