My name is Dino, that’s Dee-noh not dye-noh! Cause age is just a number, right? And I’m not a dinosaur! At the ripe ole age of 14 years and change, I found myself needing a new home because my family couldn’t properly care for my skin allergies. My skin allergies need a little extra love and care, but my foster mom says I am a really special guy who’s looking superbly handsome (and less bald!). I can mingle with people of all ages and dogs of all shapes and sizes, but I like to do my own thing for the most part. And, as long as I’m able to be by my foster mom’s side and take naps, I am one happy guy!

I am crate trained but usually just sleep in my bed when left at home. I am also house-trained, but may have an accident or two before you learn my potty cues. Puppy pads keep my in check though, if needed! I do take medicine for my skin allergies and can only eat my food allergy kibble. So even though I may sing or beg or do tricks really nicely for some human food, my foster family reminds me it isn’t the best for me.

Megan Thee Cat

Hi there, I’m Megan! I’m a sweet, friendly gal who loves to play. You’ll often find me chasing after a toy mouse or purring loudly during a good cuddle session. I’m great with kids, cats, and even dogs. I’ve been told I have a heart full of love to give. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share that love. I promise to be your loyal companion, always there to brighten your day with a playful swat or a comforting purr. If you’re looking for a friend who’s playful, cuddly, and gets along with everyone, then I’m your girl. Adopt me, and let’s make a lifetime of memories together!


Hi, I’m Hades! Don’t let my name fool you, I’m a bundle of joy! I love playing and my energy is contagious. Fetch is my favorite game, but I’m always up for learning new tricks. I’ve got a goofy side too, which makes everyone around me laugh. I’m good with cats, dogs, and kids – we’re all friends in my book. I’m just a young pup, full of sweetness and friendliness. I’m looking for a family who can match my playful spirit and who’ll love me for my endearing goofiness. Adopting me means adding a sprinkle of joy and laughter to your life every day.


Hello there, I’m Bandit. I’ve always been a bit of a lone ranger, but I’m pretty laid-back so not much ruffles my fur. Kids? Love ’em. Dogs? No problem. I’m just as happy to spend a quiet afternoon snoozing as I am playing with a squeaky toy. I’m a cat who knows her own mind and I’m not afraid to ask for what I want. But don’t let my independent streak fool you, I’ve got plenty of love to give. So why should you adopt me? Well, I’m a cat who’s got it all: I’m easy-going, good with kids, good with dogs, and have all the love you could want. I’m not just looking for a home, I’m looking for a family. Could that be with you?


Hi there, I’m Leo! I’m a young, sweet, and friendly dog with a goofy side that’s sure to make you laugh. I love to play, so a home with lots of toys would be a dream come true. I’m good with kids and other dogs, so I’d fit right in with a family or a multi-dog household. My playful nature means I’ll keep your kids entertained and your other pets active. Despite my playful side, I’m also incredibly sweet. I love cuddles and giving kisses. I’m friendly to everyone I meet, and I’m always ready to make new friends. Adopting me means gaining a loyal, loving, and fun companion who will bring joy and laughter to your home.


Hi, I’m Jax! I’ve got a heart full of love and a playful spirit that’s just waiting to brighten your day. I’m a smart boy who’s good with kids and dogs, but cats… well, they’re not really my thing. You should see me with toys, I can play for hours! Just a heads up, I’m a bit scared of loud noises, so I prefer a calm environment. I promise to bring joy, love, and laughter to your home. I’m just looking for a family to share all my love with. Could that be you? Adopt me, let’s make beautiful memories together!


This gentle girl is a dear on walks and enjoys little adventures with her people. She can be shy around strangers at first, but she’ll still melt your heart. Luna loves to be around children – they make her smile! Some of her favorite treats to beat the heat are ice cubes and, of course, pup cups! Visit Luna today and be the one to make her dreams come true!


Meet Blankita! She’s a 2 year old Pitbull terrier. She came to the shelter when her owner was unfortunately unable to continue to care for her. Blankita knows commands in Spanish ( sit, down, paw, roll over and stay), is crate trained and is very good with house training and has gotten along great with kids and other dogs, she’s basically the whole package! She’s a little shy at first but warms up super fast and she cant wait for you to come visit with her! Fill out an adoption application to see her today!


Hi, I’m Duke! I’m a bit shy, but don’t let that fool you. Once I get to know you, I’m as sweet and friendly as they come. I love to play, especially with kids and other dogs. It’s always a fun time when I’m around. I’m a bit of a softie, but I promise I’ll always be there for you. I might not be the first to greet you, but I’ll be the one who stays by your side. I’m looking for a family who will love me just as much as I’ll love them. Adopting me means gaining a loyal friend who will always be there for you, through thick and thin.


Cricket is a quiet, medium sized, smart boy. He knows many basic commands including sit, down, and wait. He will also offer paw on que.
He walks wonderfully on a leash and is potty trained. He is lively but not hyperactive. His foster mom says that he only barks when she first gets home and don’t immediately get him out the door. He does like activities that engage his sense such as nose work or treat puzzles, otherwise will find a quiet spot to curl up. His favorite activity is being outside. He LOVES having a buddy and would do best in a home with another dog.