Meet Adrienne! This sweet girl can be nervous at first, but if you give her just a few minutes of your time and patience, her real personality will begin to twinkle! She’s always so sweet and loving when she has someone’s attention, and is happy to share her living space, as she has previously lived with other cats and a small dogs and did well! If you’re willing to give me some time to grow out of my shell, we’ll be best of friends for sure.


Hello, I’m Mipha. I’m a gentle soul, a bit shy at first. New places and faces make me a little nervous, but once I warm up, I’m as sweet as they come. I’m curious, too, always eager to explore my surroundings, albeit cautiously. I’m mellow, never one for causing a ruckus. I enjoy the company of other dogs, playing and exploring together. Despite my initial shyness, I promise to be a loyal and loving companion. Adopt me, and let’s create a world of shared moments and gentle love.


Hi, my name is Harley! I’m a big puppy with a big heart. I like to spend my days napping, playing with some toys or a snuffle mat. I can be a goofball but mostly I’m a pretty laid-back dog, even though much in the world is still new to me. But I’m learning and gaining confidence every day. Right now, I’ll need a home that will be patient with me since I have some anxiety about new things. I am potty trained and crate trained but will really love to just chill inside with my future family. I have also lived with cats and another dog, and we get along great. I don’t mind cats and I like to learn from other dogs. I also have been around kids, and I think they are just wonderful! Thanks for reading about me! I can’t wait to find my forever family and settle in and make memories!


Meet Arthur, a young bundle of joy who will fill your life with laughter and energy! He’s a playful character who loves pets, kisses, and tennis balls. In retun, he’ll offer you the goofiest of smiles and tons of affection. Arthur’s friendly nature makes him a hit with everyone he meets. He’s always ready for a cuddle session after a day full of fun. He’s learning the ropes of walking on leash and might need a little extra help, but he’ll stick by your side no matter what! His lively spirit and cuddly nature make him a perfect companion for anyone looking for an energetic friend. Adopt Arthur and add a touch of playful energy to your life!

E. I. (Ebony & Ivory)

Hello, I’m E.I., a senior lady with a heart full of love. I’m a bit shy at first, but once I get to know you, I become the cuddliest companion you could wish for. My days are mellow, just like me, and I cherish every sweet, peaceful moment. I share a special bond with my daughter, Boots. We’ve been through a lot together and we comfort each other. We’re good with other cats and we appreciate the company of older kids who understand our need for gentle handling. Adopting me, E.I., means you’re not just getting a pet, you’re welcoming a loving, serene soul into your family. And remember, love doesn’t age, it only grows stronger. So, why not let me fill your home with the soft purr of contentment?

Boots and E.I. are two cute old ladies! They love spending quality time cuddling up together. Boots loves to explore but does not like her exploration time to be interrupted you have to let her do her thing. E.I. is more reserved and loves her snacks! She is always nibbling on her dry food.


Meet Flint! He is looking for a very particular type of home to help him excel. He is an active boy and would love a house with a yard to play in. Flint can be nervous around new people so would not be a good apartment or condo dog. And as such he would do best in a home with older kids (13 years or older if kids are present). However, he is learning how to trust people with the help of the staff and volunteers at the shelter and has already come a long way. Flint can be a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes (he is literally scared of cats) so if you have dog-savvy cats in your home he would need a very slow introduction but would likely be okay with them. As for his dog friends, he prefers dogs his size (about 40lbs or larger). Prior dog owning experience is a must, and those with GSD breed experience and/or training experience would be well equipped to handle a dog like Flint. He is treat motivated and already knows a few tricks such as “sit” and “down”. If you think Flint would be a good fit for you, please submit an application!


Toby is looking for a very particular type of home to help him excel. He is still young and learning about the world but with some boundaries and structure he will be a loyal companion. If you are a lover of shepherds or malinois, Toby might be a great fit for you. He aims to please and looks towards his handler for direction so prior dog owning experience is a must, and those with breed experience and/or training experience are preferred. And subsequently, he needs a home with kids 13 years or older (if kids are present in the home). He has shown potential to live with cats provided his adopters guide him through a very slow introduction to any cats. Toby has done great with other dogs while at the shelter but is best with dogs his size (40lbs or larger). He would love another malinois friend! Given Toby’s needs adopters must live in a house (he would not be a good apartment or condo dog). If you’re interested in Toby and think you would be a good fit, please submit an application!


Hi I am Snowball! I am a very lovable and cuddly dog once I am comfy with ya! I will follow my people around and cuddle next to them when they slow down long enough. I am good with other dogs but can be a bit timid at times. I bark when I don’t know someone but if you introduce me I am good. I like to go outside and play and I walk on a leash well though I will stay right beside you. I am house trained, and love treats and laying in the bed.
They say I am a pit/lab mix and am about 4 years old. You can see I am pure white with lots of freckles.


Meet Kodiak, a gentle soul with an independent spirit. She is very shy and nervous around new people and will need some time to adjust to new people and a new environment. She finds lots of comfort in her crate and views it as a safe space when the world around her feels scary. Kodiak also thrives in the company of her fellow dogs, displaying a sociable side. Because of how nervous she is around people, she will do best in a home that is calm and quiet, and would likely do better with older children who display a level of understanding with how to respectfully interact with a shy/nervous dog. The journey to earn her trust might be a bit lengthy, but once you do, you’ll have a loyal, smart, and gentle companion by your side. If you’re interested in changing this girls life and giving her a calm, stable and safe home, come to the shelter today!


Hello there, I’m Max. My days are filled with wagging tails and playful barks. I’m known for my sweetness and friendliness. Fetch is my favorite game and I can’t resist a good belly rub. I’ve made many friends here, both human and canine. But what I truly yearn for is a family of my own. A home where I can share my boundless love and playful energy. If you’re looking for a loyal companion who will always be there to greet you with a wagging tail and a friendly bark, then I’m your guy. Adopt me and let’s start our journey together.