Meet Trinkit, he is a silly guy who rolls upside down, in hopes you will notice him. He loves affection and wouldn’t mind if you paid attention to him 24/7. Trinkit loves getting pets, playing with toys, and catnip really gets him acting goofy. He also loves talking to you, and meowing up a storm when he’s happy or wants you to be near him. Trinkit seems like the perfect companion for mostly anyone, if you’re looking for a big goof ball to spend your days with, that is. Come meet Trinkit today!


Scooter is a handsome 6.5 Year old gentleman with a refined taste and a fondness for close companions. He came from a quiet home as an only cat to an older couple, and likes to take life a little slower, though don’t let that fool you. His favorite hobbies include chasing after a laser, and looking out of windows. He will also talk to you for as long as you want with his exceptionally chatty personality, and loves a nice rub on the head. He has done well with the cats in his foster home, and really wants to make friends with them.

He would do well in a quiet home without small children, and would thrive as either an only cat, or with another cat who has a similarly calm personality. He will need time to adjust, with a quiet separate space, but comes out of his shell very eagerly when he is ready. Scooter is also very forward with his opinions and will let you know with a gentle nibble or a cautionary noise if you are crossing any boundaries.

Scooter is ready for a forever home, and truly deserves someone who will treat him with the respect and love that he deserves.