Are you searching for a companion that loves to sit in your lap or sleep next to you in bed? Sammy enjoys being around people. He also has a fun playful side and needs a family that will engage him in play. Sammy is a big boy. In his previous home he played too rough for the resident cat who was much smaller. Sammy may be better suited as an only cat or paired with another highly active cat. Make an appointment to meet sweet Sammy today.


Hello, I am looking for my new forever home after being found wandering the streets in town. I received a much needed haircut once I got used to the kind people here at the shelter, and now I’m ready to go. I need a home with someone who will be patient to me adjusting to being indoors again, and with older children who understand my boundaries. Come visit me at the shelter!


Pretty Stella is an affectionate girl but she also loves her playtime. Sometimes she plays a little too rough with her claws so we suggest older children only. Adjusting to the shelter has been a little hard for Stella so you will need some patience as she adjusts to her new home. Just allow her some time and space and she will be just fine.


Sudoku resides in a foster home! To meet her, fill out an adoption application and the foster coordinator will set up a meeting.

Do you like sweet and spicy? Well, Sudoku might be your gal! Sudoku was found as a stray and was said to be a lap cat by the nice folks that found her. Unfortunately she didn’t get along with the other resident cat. We think Sudoku will want to be the one and only cat in her future home so that she can soak up all the attention. The spicy part of Sudoku is that she will let you know when she wants to be left alone. So if you are able to read her mood, she will be the perfect companion. Because she can be spicy, we do no recommend her for small children. Make an appointment to see if Sudoku is your perfect match.


Bernard is a very large boy that is a bit independent. He is affectionate and quiet. His favorite pastime is eating and sitting. He would prefer a quiet home without a lot of hustle and bustle. Bernard is an affectionate fella and loves pets but when he doesn’t like something, he will let you know. Therefore, he would not be suited in a home with small children. He may be selective on sharing his space with other cats and his size might intimidate a smaller cat. Make an appointment to meet this big, handsome fella today!


Oswald loves his humans, he meows for your love and attention anytime he wants to be near you. He loves head and chin scratches, and we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t mind if you never left his side! If this cuddly, attention loving boy is the right guy for your family, stop in today to meet him!


Do you have a whole lotta love to give to a whole lotta cat? Louie is a large boy that is soft in the middle. Louie loves pets and wants to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION. Louie is declawed, so he must be kept safely indoors at all times. Although Louie has lived with other animals, he is older now and would prefer to be the only pet so that he can get all of your love. For a big cat, Louie is very agile and loves to run and play. Because Louie is declawed, he has developed a habit of using his teeth to get your attention. You should be an experienced cat person who can read Louie’s signals. A quiet home would be best for Louie. No small children or dogs. Louie is a loveable lump and if you are willing to help him learn new ways to cope without his claws, make an appointment to meet Louie and speak with an adoption counselor for more details.


Rocky is a quiet fella just looking to find a quiet home. There have been a lot of changes in his life lately so he will need a quiet space to adjust to his new home. Rocky was not fond of being around other cats in the home and may be fearful of dogs so he would do better if he is your only pet. If you do have other pets, slow introduction over several weeks is suggested. Rocky is affectionate once he feels comfortable with you. Make an appointment to meet Rocky today.


Lisa is a super sweet, talkative lady! She absolutely loves being pet, and likes to climb into laps. If you’re looking for a sweet, loveable cat, make an appointment to meet Lisa today!