Duke is looking far and wide across the realm for a family to treat him like the royalty he is. Although he is an older dog, he carries himself with an air of youth and independence. He prefers the freedom to roam over a leash walk, but any time outside is the key to happiness for Duke. Being left alone in a crate is anxiety-inducing for him, so he would do best in a home that can be patient with him as he gains trust in his people. He is ready to take his spot on the throne – I mean, couch! Visit Duke at the shelter today!


We see the sky every day, but it’s never as beautiful is this Sky! She loves to be at the center of attention everywhere she goes and can’t get enough pets. Sky is super smart and knows commands such as “sit,” “paw,” and “down.” She warms up to everyone quickly and would love to meet you! Come fill out an application and meet this loving dog today!


When Ryder came into our care he was so terrified of people that we could not touch him. It is clear to us that he had never previously lived in a home before, or ever been shown love. Since being in his foster home, he has slowly begun to come out of his shell. He is very good friends with the resident dog in his foster home, and loves to play outside in the fenced yard with her. He is still fearful indoors and enjoys the security of his crate, and his fluffy bed. He prefers to be in the same room and within eyesight of his people, but isn’t comfortable approaching for attention yet. Ryder needs a calm, quiet, forever home with humans who are willing to give him the time that he needs to acclimate to indoor dog life. If you ask us, he is TOTALLY worth it. Have you seen the guy? A total cutie!


Cholo is an energetic pup who loves to play! He loves being tight by your side and having your back. He’s loves long walk and exploring new places and things, but he also is a great friend for hanging out in the house and watching movies. Cholo is a very sweet pup, but it may take him awhile to warm up to you. Be patient and kind and he’ll open up and show you that loving energetic side!


Meet Rocky – he’s no underdog! Rocky is a four-year-old pit mix who is largely independent and enjoys doing his own thing. He walks very well on a leash and would love to show off for you! Because he has a big personality, Rocky would do best in a home with older children who display a level of maturity and understanding. Rocky loves the outdoors and would make a great adventure buddy! Stop by the shelter to meet him today!


Apollo is a stunner! He’s sure to catch your eye – all he needs is a chance to steal your heart. This sweet boy is extremely wary of strangers, but he warms up with patience and a few meetings to get to know you. He has been learning that not all strangers are scary here in the shelter. Apollo has the looks, but he also has the brains. He is intelligent and curious, and he loves to play and get up to mischief with his people. Spending time outside and going on long walks always makes his day. His ideal home would be on the quieter side where he can bond closely with his people and engage in mentally and physically stimulating activities. Come by and fill out an adoption application to meet Apollo today!


Ruger is an 87-pound, adult (7 years old) Plott Hound that was brought to us when his owner could no longer afford to care for him. Ruger is a loving and laid-back gentleman. He was an outside farm dog all of his life but is now looking for his perfect retirement home where he can lounge around on a couch watching the History Channel.

Ruger has gotten along with a dog before, but due to his tendency to guard food from other dogs, we recommend he be the only pet. If you are interested in Ruger, come visit him today!


Crystal is a total lovebug and is quite the catch! She loves chasing tennis balls in the play yard, going for walks on the trail, and splashing about in the dog pool. She is a really smart girl and is ready to learn whatever you’d like to teach her. Crystal is an active girl, searching for an active adopter and adventure buddy! She would do best in a home with older kids, and she may enjoy having a playful dog buddy to romp around with!