Yes, they named me Fluffy! I don’t get it. To be fair, I had that name before I came to the Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA. I do respond to the name so they probably thought why confuse the poor fellow, he’s already had a lot of change.

I’ve been here a little while and have already made lots of friends. Comes easy to me. I like people and everyone I meet seems to like me. What I don’t like is when someone assumes my stuff is their stuff, especially my toys and bones. I mean, it’s called dog bones and dog toys. Adult seems to understand that I don’t like sharing but kids seem to have a hard time with this. I get it, sometimes our toys look like their toys but it’s best if I don’t go home with little children.

Did I mention, I also like dogs. I’ve been around quite a few and we get along. The big and rowdy ones are too much for me. However, smaller ones and gentle ones I get along with pretty well Overall, I’m a pretty laid back dog. Come by the shelter so we can hang out.


I am one of the mellowest dudes you will come across. I promise you will not find a better side kick. My interests include hanging out with cool people, gong on leisurely walks(I keep the leash loose for a gentle journey), and I also am an amateur sociologist because I enjoy watching everything and everyone around me. Until I find my forever home, I will just be patiently hanging out with the friends I made at the RHSPCA. Come meet me today if you are looking to bring home one cool cat-I mean dog!


Max is incredibly sweet though a tiny bit shy at first. He has some energy initially but calms quickly. Max loves to play and is quite the athlete. He would make a great hiking or running partner. He also loves cuddles, scratches and to be with people. He would love to chill on the couch with you after a hike or a run. Max walks well on a leash and is familiar with some training like sit. Max is potty trained and Come meet this beautiful soul you won’t be disappointed.


Snicklefritz may have a bit of a mischievous side, but this quirky little fella also has lots of love to give. He is ready to settle down with a nice family and spend the rest of his days getting yummy treats and belly rubs. Check him out ASAP!


Meet Scooter! He came into the SPCA as a stray so we don’t entirely know the adventures he’s been on. We do know he loves to sniff! Scooter definitely loves to follow where his nose takes him. Come meet this gentle yet curious fella today.


In search of a houndy dog? Libby is the best of both worlds. She loves to take naps and snuggle. But she’s always ready to go for a nice walk or chase around the yard. This sweet girl is truly a gently soul. Schedule an appointment to meet Libby.


Jaegerbomb is a fantatstic cat. He loves to crawl in laps and make biscuits while you pet him. He is very sweet, loving, and ready to be in his furever home. Swing by today and check him out!

Ol Red

Ol’ Red resides in a foster home. To meet him, complete an adoption application and the foster coordinator will set up a meeting!

Ol’ Red is a fun loving guy who has a lot to say! He loves getting to know others, but with patience and a whole lot of love. He enjoys going on walks; but don’t be surprised if he may stop to rest in the shade a time or two. He is great around kids and other animals! Red isn’t the type yet to snuggle, but with time in a new forever home he may be able to warm up to you! Ol’ Red has been wonderful with learning new commands. He is crate trained, house trained, and he sits at the door before being let in and out of the house. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!


*Bella is at an adoption event today. Call the shelter for details!*

Bella the beautiful has arrived! I am a sweet angel, for certain. I am just the slightest bit shy when I first meet new people, but I quickly start loving all the nice people I meet. I was brought in with a cat friend, so I would probably do fine living with them if you have any. I bet I also would be great in a pack with other sweet pups. Come meet me!!! Schedule an appointment today!


Hi, Max here. I am an active, outgoing and fun loving dog who is always up for a game of fetch. While I have made lots of two legged friends, and even some four legged friends, I am not particularly fond of young kids. Something about their high energy levels and my own does not mix well.

I mentioned I’m always up for a game of fetch. And I mean it. I play fetch like its my job to and nothing else matters while I’m doing it. Sometimes I’ll get grumbly if the ball isn’t thrown fast enough or if I think someone is trying to take the ball away from me. I could use some help learning how to share, in the meantime what’s mine is mine. Another reason why little ones and I may not mix well.

I’m made dogs friends before but haven’t really been around cats. I guess I could be friends with a cat that knew how to be around dogs and could teach me to be around cats. I know I would want to chase it. Heck, I’ll chase anything.

Come by the shelter and toss the ball for me. The staff and volunteers here known me well and can tell you more about me and me about you. It goes both ways!