Megan Thee Cat

Hi there, I’m Megan! I’m a sweet, friendly gal who loves to play. You’ll often find me chasing after a toy mouse or purring loudly during a good cuddle session. I’m great with kids, cats, and even dogs. I’ve been told I have a heart full of love to give. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share that love. I promise to be your loyal companion, always there to brighten your day with a playful swat or a comforting purr. If you’re looking for a friend who’s playful, cuddly, and gets along with everyone, then I’m your girl. Adopt me, and let’s make a lifetime of memories together!


Hello there, I’m Bandit. I’ve always been a bit of a lone ranger, but I’m pretty laid-back so not much ruffles my fur. Kids? Love ’em. Dogs? No problem. I’m just as happy to spend a quiet afternoon snoozing as I am playing with a squeaky toy. I’m a cat who knows her own mind and I’m not afraid to ask for what I want. But don’t let my independent streak fool you, I’ve got plenty of love to give. So why should you adopt me? Well, I’m a cat who’s got it all: I’m easy-going, good with kids, good with dogs, and have all the love you could want. I’m not just looking for a home, I’m looking for a family. Could that be with you?