Meet Kody!
Kody is a super sweet girl, Although she comes off as being shy at first ,Once she gets to know you (with the help of some yummy treats) she’ll be your bestfriend! Come visit with Kody today and let the nice staff introduce the two of you!


Meet Xenna ! This peanut butter lovin gal is sure to win you over in a heartbeat. She is full of energy and could run all day long so an active home would be perfect for her. The best way to get her to fall in love with you is nonstop belly rubs. She has gotten along with other dogs but would do best in a home without livestock. Come meet Xenna today!


Meet Koda! This handsome man has quite the muscles. He has been around kids aged 2 years and older and got along well with them. This guy LOVES to play and go on runs so an athletic family would be perfect for this guy. His favorite toys are frisbees and balls so be sure to have some on hand. Come meet Koda today!


Sampson may as well have the last name Simpson. This goofy guy is sure to turn heads with his good looks and perky ears but is sure to make you smile with his easy going demeanor. He hasn’t met a stranger and is said to get along great with some kids but not so much chickens or cats. We don’t know why this beautiful boy hasn’t been adopted yet. Come meet Sampson today!


Eva the ever perfect husky! This blue eyed girl is quite the handful, but she’s the best handful to have. She is full of life and could play for hours but she also loves being pet and going for car rides. If given the chance, she will sit on chairs and shake your hand like the lady she is. She has gotten along very well with other dogs and children but would prefer a home without cats or livestock. Come meet Eva today!


Just look at that contagious smile! This happy, go-lucky girl is Rose! Rose thinks she’s a lapdog (and we don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise), so if you are looking for an oversized lapdog or a mobile weighted blanket, Rose may be for you! This sweet pup has it all- house trained, crate-trained, snuggle-trained, and is gentle with treats and food! Even though she’s a hound, she’s a quiet, independent girl who LOVES people! When she isn’t playing fetch with herself, she’s usually seeking attention and cuddles! She enjoys walks around the neighborhood and exploring in the backyard. She is a quick learner and eager to please. Come meet smiley Rose today! She is sure to put a smile on your face!


Meet Miss Bouncin Belle ! This silly girl is sure to please with all of her tricks! She is quite the fan of tag so a home without livestock and other dogs would be the best for her. Although she’d prefer a home without dogs or livestock, she is quite the cat lady and likes to spend her time pawing at cats and playing with feather toys. Come meet Belle today!