It is almost the time of year for eating pumpkin pie and Merengue will be the topping for your family’s holiday. This lovely lady has raised a family and now she would like to rest in front of the fire with you. Merengue was previously adopted into a home that had dogs and she was not happy about her canine siblings. She also seemed to be less than happy with noisy kids. So Merengue would probably be better suited for a quiet home that does not have dogs or children. Merengue can be a little “spicy” at times but also can be very sweet. She will need a family that understands and allows her time to adjust to her new home.


Maddie is a very shy fella. He will need a nice quiet home where he can feel safe and let his true sweet personality shine. Once Maddie feels safe and comfortable, his cuddly and playful side starts to come out. Maddie lived with other cats in his past home, so other cat friends would be okay as long as they are friendly to him. Make an appointment to meet Maddie today.


Oswald loves his humans, he meows for your love and attention anytime he wants to be near you. He loves head and chin scratches, and we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t mind if you never left his side! If this cuddly, attention loving boy is the right guy for your family, stop in today to meet him!


Do you have a whole lotta love to give to a whole lotta cat? Louie is a large boy that is soft in the middle. Louie loves pets and wants to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION. Louie is declawed, so he must be kept safely indoors at all times. Although Louie has lived with other animals, he is older now and would prefer to be the only pet so that he can get all of your love. For a big cat, Louie is very agile and loves to run and play. Because Louie is declawed, he has developed a habit of using his teeth to get your attention. You should be an experienced cat person who can read Louie’s signals. A quiet home would be best for Louie. No small children or dogs. Louie is a loveable lump and if you are willing to help him learn new ways to cope without his claws, make an appointment to meet Louie and speak with an adoption counselor for more details.


Handsome boy Ham has had some changes in his life lately that make him a little shy at first. New thinks can be a bit overwhelming so Ham will need a nice quiet space to decompress and adjust to his new forever home. Ham lived with other cats but is very fearful of dogs so he would do best in a home without dogs. Make an appointment to meet Ham today.


How gorgeous is Goldfish? This big boy is very fluffy with his long hair. He is a large softy though. He may be a little shy at first because he has changed homes a couple times lately but once he gets to know you, he loves pets and belly rubs. Goldfish is good with other cats but is afraid of dogs. Because of all the changes in his life, Goldfish will need a quiet space to settle into his new forever home. Make an appointment to meet Goldfish today.


Are you searching for a young, active and playful young boy? Roscoe is a very active and talkative cat. He needs plenty of attention from his humans. Roscoe will expect his person to spend proper time playing so that he doesn’t get bored. Also provide him with plenty of toys and scratching posts to keep him busy. Make an appointment to meet Roscoe today.