Red Beans

What’s not to like about Red Beans? This guy has a heart of gold and ready to show off his amazing personality. When Red Beans isn’t sleeping on his favorite couch, you can find him on the hunt for treats or right by your side. He loves car rides and people! He loves older kids who display a level of understanding and know how to be respectful around dogs. His enemies consist of running or walking long distances, blueberries, cats, squirrels, vacuums and blow dryers. Red Beans does have some medical issues that will need to be kept up with, but it doesn’t seem to stop this guy from being a happy and living pup! If you’re interested in Red Beans, Come to the shelter today!


Sadie is an easy going and loving dog. She is house trained and is able to be left alone in the house with no issues. She is good with small children and other dogs. Sadie will be a wonderful addition to your family.


Roscoe is a fun loving guy who’s always down for an adventure! Roscoe LOVES being outside and spending time with his people. Whether that be going for a walk, a hike, exploring new areas or just hanging out outside, Roscoe will make sure you never have to do it alone! If you’re interested in Roscoe, come to the shelter today!


Need a walking buddy to join you on your long hikes? Huey is a gentleman on the leash and is happy to stay by your side as you stroll about town. He enjoys the company and attention of people, but he is also able to entertain himself. His favorite hobby is digging for the squeaker in stuffed toys and claiming them as his prize! Huey can be quite the howler, as he has a lot to say. He would do best in a home that is looking for a dog that will be the life of the party and keep everyone entertained. Visit Huey at the shelter today!