Sometimes the world can be scary – Pudge thinks so! Especially loud noises and new people. Pudge is waiting for a family to take a chance on him and show him the good life. He is affectionate with people he trusts, and he easily switches into play mode when the tennis balls start flying! This handsome pup will take some time to bond with his new family, but patience is the key to his heart. Interested in learning more about Pudge? Visit the shelter today!


Are you looking for an un-Bailey-vably adorable new friend? Bailey is a sweet girl who goes wild for treats, but who wouldn’t?! She walks well on a leash and is quick to pick up on new commands. Her favorite game is sniffing out where the food is. While her playful side is quick to show, she can be nervous and unsure in new situations. With the right home, she is sure to bond quickly. Visit the shelter to learn more about Bailey today!


Linda is a 1-year-old German shepherd. This big, lovable pup has a heart of gold and loves to make people smile. Linda loves playing with her toys and running around the yard, but she also enjoys taking it slow and laying on the couch. She loves going for hikes and is the perfect companion for a long walk; she’s always ready to explore new places!


Meet Emerald. She is truly a precious gem! She loves going for walks and meeting people of all ages. One of her favorite things is to while in her foster home has been to go to the ball fields and watch the kids play baseball and socialize with all the people there. She is great with other dogs and gets along great with cats but does like to chase them if they run. Her favorite game is tug and she loves gently nibbling ears to get the other dogs to play. She has made a new discovery of water while in foster! She likes to splash and chase the water droplets at the creek. She is very playful but also loves to lay back and cuddle. She had a rough beginning in life and just truly enjoys every moment that she has and wants to share that joy and happiness that she has.


Pluto is totally out of this world! He is a chill guy looking for someone who enjoys the simple things in life… like food and leisurely strolls on a nice day. You’ll find that he’s a happy dog ready to spread the cheer with one stinkin’ cute smile and a wagging tail. He’s curious about people and other dogs, often walking up with confidence to say hello! If Pluto sounds like he might fit into your orbit, fill out an application and meet him at the shelter today!


What you need to know about Uno the hound:

He is a hound, 100%. He has a big nose and loves to give his opinion on how quickly he is not getting fed! Uno loves to use his nose. He can smell another living creature (dog or human) from 10 yards away…. and he loves to meet new people. Uno can be a goof, but always a lovable goof – he loves walks, toys (he REALLY loves tug toys!), chin scratches, and cuddles. He is young so he has energy to expend but also has great house manners. He is potty trained, crate trained, and sits for his food.

Uno is asking why you haven’t put your name on his adoption application yet!