Chipper Kipper is always ready to brighten your day with a smile! It’s hard to capture a dog with so much personality, but one thing is for sure – he is an exuberant ball of energy that thrives on adventure. Kip is a rowdy guy who enjoys friendly play, but be ready for lots of excited jumps. He does well with entertaining himself, often tossing toys into the air for his own amusement. This goofy pup lives by the motto “No work, all play.” If you are looking for something to bring joy and laughter to your life, meeting Kip is a great place to start! Visit him at the shelter today!


Even the ocean can’t compare to this guy’s lovely blue eyes. Percy is a three-year-old Husky looking for an adventure buddy to keep up with his bountiful energy reserves. He loves to be outside – nature is his element! His favorite way to spend the weekend is going on a long hike in the mountains! Percy is still learning to walk well on a leash, as he frequently gets excited at all the cool things to sniff out. Visit the shelter today and see if Percy could be your new best friend!