Hi! I’m Chewy. I’m looking for a friend to go on walks with me. You may enjoy stopping and smelling the roses, but I like to smell everything! I find other dogs exciting and would do great with the right friend. I’m not a fan of cats though. I can be a pretty independent guy, but I do enjoy giving and getting love and affection. I’m potty trained!


This sweet ole gal has had enough of the high life and is really ready to settle down with a nice family. Maybe someone who has a nice porch for her to lounge on? It doesn’t really matter she just wants to spend the rest of her days being the perfect lap dog. Come check out Blanche and she if she is the right fit for you.


Pippa is happiest outside. It’s where she’s most in her element. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do outside, Pippa just wants to be out there with you! After a nice long day in the sunshine Pippa would love to curl up on a dog bed to call her own and dream of the adventures of tomorrow!


BINGO !!! You found Ringo ! I’m just a fun loving, gentle, hound dog. People are my favorite thing in the world and I just love jumping on them for hugs. I will lick your face if you get close to my mouth and kids? Oh my gosh I just LOVE them ! Come see me today !


Sunny is a large (69 lbs) adult (1 year old) mastiff mix that was brought to us due to his past owners’ health issues.

Sunny is a lover of naps, people, and squeaky toys. If you’re lucky, sometimes you’ll get to witness all three at once. You’ll first notice him napping peacefully but once he realizes you’re there, he will come greet you with a squeaky toy. He was crate trained and housebroken in his previous home and with time, the transition will likely be accomplished quick.

Sunny has been around older kids, but not younger ones so a home with older children is preferred. Sunny has gotten along well with other dogs in his previous home but due to his tendency to resource guard, it is recommended that he be the single dog in the home.

Sunny has been diagnosed with both ehrlichiosis and heartworm disease. Ehrlichiosis is a treatable tickborne disease that, without treatment, can cause long term effects such as seizures, hemorrhaging, and heart failure. Heartworm disease is a parasitic infection caused by mosquitos that results in lung and heart disease if left untreated. Sunny’s ideal adopter is someone who understands his medial needs but will also provide plenty of snuggles and squeaky toys.

If you are interested in Sunny, submit an adoption application and make an appointment to visit him today!


Meet our good girl Doja! Doja doesn’t know much about toys, but she loves to run! That being said, she is also a big couch potato! So, if you’re looking for a running and snuggle buddy, come meet Doja today!


Zejna (“Zay-nuh”) is a large (57 lbs) adult (1 year old) dutch shepherd mix that was brought to us when her owners no longer had the time to care for her.

Zejna is a an extremely intelligent and energetic pup who has been noted to be great at matching the household energy. She knows tricks such as “sit, lay down, come, leave it, and stay”. She was noted by her fosters to be a complete cuddle bug that also loved to play ball but is able to entertain herself when needed.

Zejna has gotten along well with some other dogs while in our care but would prefer a meet and greet before going home with her potential best friend. She is suspected to not do well with cats. Zejna’s ideal adopter is someone who is willing to work on her socialization skills with other people as well as dogs.

Zejna has been diagnosed with heartworm disease while in our care. Visit the shelter and speak with a staff member for more information on Zejna’s special adoption process due to this diagnosis.


Roscoe resides in a foster home. To meet him, complete an application and a foster coordinator will reach out to you.

Are you looking for a dog that likes naps just as much as you do? What about snacks? Meet Roscoe! This large fella is quite the couch potato, preferring to spend his days snuggled up under a blanket. He thinks he’s a lap dog and would prefer to be laying on you, if you don’t mind. He walks well on a leash and knows how to sit, lay down, and shake. Come meet Roscoe today!