Ol Red

Ol’ Red resides in a foster home. To meet him, complete an adoption application and the foster coordinator will set up a meeting!

Ol’ Red is a fun loving guy who has a lot to say! He loves getting to know others, but with patience and a whole lot of love. He enjoys going on walks; but don’t be surprised if he may stop to rest in the shade a time or two. He is great around kids and other animals! Red isn’t the type yet to snuggle, but with time in a new forever home he may be able to warm up to you! Ol’ Red has been wonderful with learning new commands. He is crate trained, house trained, and he sits at the door before being let in and out of the house. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!

Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is not your ordinary orange cat. He is the sweetest, most chill and quiet little guy who loves to cuddle and play. Dogs, children, car travel, and the vet all don’t phase him and he gets along with other cats too. Ron will curl up on you for every nap and even sleep under the blankets with you at night. He truly is a special little guy and would make a great addition to any family!


Georgie has a tale to tell you about his tail. When Georgie came to the shelter he had an injury to his tail. It was decided that the best thing to do is amputate part of his tail. He has been in a foster home playing with other kittens while his tail healed and now he is ready to take on the world. Stop by and meet this sweet, playful boy today.

Betty White

Betty White resides in a foster home. To meet her, fill out an adoption application and the foster coordinator will reach out to set up a meeting!

Betty White is a loyal dog that loves car rides. With some help, she likes a nap on a lap, otherwise enjoys a dog bed. Easy going and good with other dogs and cats. She sometimes can be on her own schedule and do things when she wants, so some encouragement is needed, especially early in the morning.

Betty White is eligible for our Seniors for Seniors discount! Adopters age 55, or older, can adopt senior animals (age 7 or older) for 50% off their adoption fee! This makes senior dogs $75 to adopt.


McGrupp the super-pup just wanted me to let everyone know he is very excited to find a family. He may seem a bit shy but as soon as you crouch down he will climb in your lap and ask for pets. Now with a cute little face like that, who would even think to resist him. Swing by today and check him out!


Petunia is in a foster home. To meet her fill out an application and the foster coordinator will reach out to set up a meeting!

Petunia is such a sweet loving dog who has a unique personality! She loves to curl up on your lap or right next to you and snuggle for hours. She is goofy and hops on her back legs when she gets excited! She loves belly rubs, scratches behind her ears and going on walks. One of Petunia’s cute quirks is that she grunts when she is happy. Petunia is an easy going dog and just wants to be with people and make them happy!


**This dog is not available for adoption** Dog has been roaming neighborhood for about a week now since owner passed away. Neighbors knew dog and its owner before he passed. Neighbors said no family has come for the dog since owners passing. Dog has on no forms of identification(collar, microchip etc.)