My name is Dino, that’s Dee-noh not dye-noh! Cause age is just a number, right? And I’m not a dinosaur! At the ripe ole age of 14 years and change, I found myself needing a new home because my family couldn’t properly care for my skin allergies. My skin allergies need a little extra love and care, but my foster mom says I am a really special guy who’s looking superbly handsome (and less bald!). I can mingle with people of all ages and dogs of all shapes and sizes, but I like to do my own thing for the most part. And, as long as I’m able to be by my foster mom’s side and take naps, I am one happy guy!

I am crate trained but usually just sleep in my bed when left at home. I am also house-trained, but may have an accident or two before you learn my potty cues. Puppy pads keep my in check though, if needed! I do take medicine for my skin allergies and can only eat my food allergy kibble. So even though I may sing or beg or do tricks really nicely for some human food, my foster family reminds me it isn’t the best for me.


**This cat is not yet available for adoption.** This cat was found on Gum Tree Ln, Elkton VA near Rinacas Corner Rd on 2/18/24. Cat has no forms of identification.


Allow us to introduce the most handsome tri-pod (3 legged kitty) around – DING! Due to an injury that went untreated prior to coming into the care of the RHSPCA, Ding has had one of his front legs amputated. But, don’t worry, this guy gets around like an olimpian!

Ding is pretty timid at first, and needs to take some quiet time to get comfortable with new people, animals, and places. He loves napping in cave beds, especially while he’s adjusting to a new situation. He does have a curious side, and once he has an emotional support human, he enjoys exploring new environments with them by his side. Overall, Ding is a pretty low-key tripod, spending his days lounging in cat trees, or various beds, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get the occasional bout of the zoomies. He likes to play with balls, catnip mice, and likes chewing on sticks, but the toy that makes him really come alive is the laser pointer – or even a glint of light reflected off a surface in an interesting way. If it’s a moving light, Ding is obsessed with it. Ding is pretty food motivated, so you’ll have no trouble earning his trust with things like treats and wet food. He is reserved at first, but loves to snuggle with his human, and will happily snooze the day away in your lap if you let him. He loves head pets and chin scritches, and will flop over in appreciation. He even tolerates the occasional belly rub.


Meet Creamsicle! Sweet as her name and cuddly as can be. She gently taps you for attention and purrs so loudly that you can hear it across the room! She LOVES to play with all the toys (current favorites are tennis balls, bottle caps, and kitty wands) and gets the best zoomies during play sessions. Creamsicle has learned her fosters’ routine and will plop herself right on the couch for tv time in the evenings.

Creamsicle’s ideal home would include a quieter house, a few humans to play with her, and a window she can birdwatch from. She has been around dogs but would prefer calmer dog siblings. Oh, and comfy blankets for naps!

Fill out an application to meet Creamsicle today!

Gwyndolin (Gwyn)

This is Gwyndolin, one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats you’ll meet. Once you gain his trust, Gwyn is both playful and curious. He enjoys playing with most cat toys and loves to chase a laser pointer, but he also enjoys playing in simple cardboard boxes and paper bags if they’re around. Gwyn also loves to snuggle. He prefers to do so on his own time, but if you’re relaxing and watching TV (especially if you have a soft blanket) it might be harder to keep him off of your lap than on it. If you have other cats, someone that’s lower energy would be a perfect match for Gwyn’s similarly relaxed attitude. That being said, he has his own burst of energy now and then and has been known to enjoy some cat wrestling every now and then with cats he’s grown comfortable with. So if you’re looking for a fluffy, laidback, and playful cat then make Gwyn your new best friend. You certainly won’t regret it.


Hello, I’m Zoya! I’m a bundle of sweetness and warmth. You’ll find me to be a friendly soul, always ready to cuddle up for some affection. I love to play, and my bravery shines through in my adventurous spirit. However, I can be a little shy, especially around feline friends, so a home without cats would be best for me. I’m also more comfortable with older kids, as I can be a bit fearful around the hustle and bustle of younger ones. Despite my timidness, I promise to fill your home with love and joy. Adopting me would mean a loyal friend for life, and a chance to show you just how much love I have to give.


Hi! I’m Sadie! I’m a sweet playful and extremely smart little lady. I’m super snuggly and am always excited for a good walk or run. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. I do great in my crate and love to learn new tricks. I love to play and can’t wait to show you my zoomies and absolutely silly nature! I can promise you endless cuddles, laughs, and kisses. I’m ready to find a forever home!


This gentle girl is a dear on walks and enjoys little adventures with her people. She can be shy around strangers at first, but she’ll still melt your heart. Luna loves to be around children – they make her smile! Some of her favorite treats to beat the heat are ice cubes and, of course, pup cups! Visit Luna today and be the one to make her dreams come true!


We see the sky every day, but it’s never as beautiful is this Sky! She loves to be at the center of attention everywhere she goes and can’t get enough pets. Sky is super smart and knows commands such as “sit,” “paw,” and “down.” She warms up to everyone quickly and would love to meet you! Come fill out an application and meet this loving dog today!


Hi! I’m Delilah! You might remember me from the RHSPCA Facebook page! I’m a young Staffie/Husky /German Shepherd mix with stunning blue eyes and a delightfully exuberant personality. I have come a looooooong way from when I first arrived here! I lived in a foster home where my family taught me how to sit, lay down, and paw, but meeting strangers can still be very scary for me. I need a family that is willing to take it slow with me and get to know me before I feel comfortable enough to do zoomies and jump in your lap, but once I know you I love belly rubs and playing with toys and most importantly TREATS! I think smaller critters like cats (and probably those pesky young kids) might steal my thunder so I might not work in a home with them, but I am learning how to play with other dogs and really love to romp around and play with dogs of similar size! Are you ready to join the Delilah fan club? Reach out to the SPCA today, and let’s make the adoption Facebook official!