This special senior will make you fall in love all over again. Generously affectionate, even in these harder times, this ole guy still manages to bring a little bit of joy to everyone who meets him. All the qualities that people so often look for in the ‘perfect’ dog can be found in Brute. He is well mannered and calm, loves to play and romp around, but no power walking required to keep this guy happy. He is intelligent and easy to train and keeps himself entertained, so no concerns of coming home to a bored dog’s landscaping attempts. But although this guy has a lot to offer, it seems that no one has yet been able to see past Brute’s big ole ring-pop tumor on his foot and into the wonderful heart of this dog. His wonderful foster is doing their best for him, but at 8 years old, Brute should be enjoying his retirement in comfortable home with peace and quiet or a warm and comfortable bed next to his family. If you’ve been looking for the companionship of a wonderful pet, and understand that age is no barrier to love, fill out an adoption application and our foster coordinator will contact you to meet Brute, we know you won’t be disappointed.


This affectionate lady loves the snow so much she could have easily been a sled dog – except for the whole pulling the sled thing. Jilly has a well-stocked collection of squeaker toys she regularly entertains herself and her owners with. This charmer will also snuggle the day away with you. Schedule an appointment to come and meet Jilly today!


*This animal is not yet available for adoption.* This dog was found on North St., Elkton, VA, 22827 on 12/22/2020. He was found wearing a grey collar, and a green collar adorned with Christmas decorations.


Veronica Mars is a young lady who is a bit on the shy side. She needs a forever family that will be patient and take their time with her. Being as she is shy, she doesn’t care for hands reaching behind her or being picked up. It will take a little time for her to be comfortable with that. Once she feels safe, she will give you kisses and cuddles. Veronica Mars previous owners state she did okay with cats but a slow introduction would be necessary. She would do best in a single dog home because she isn’t a fan of other dogs. If you have a spot in your heart and home for this gal, make an appointment to meet her.


Are you looking for a loving buddy to put some pep in your step? If so come meet ace. This young playful fellow is looking for his someone that will continue showing him lots of love so he grows up to be a true gentleman.