**This dog is not yet available for adoption.** This dog was found on 5/21/24 at 3240 Thoroughfare Rd, Elkton VA near Eppard Ln. Dog has no forms of ID or microchip.


**This dog is not yet available for adoption.** This puppy was found on Old Furnace Rd, Harrisonburg VA near Smithland Rd on 5/21/24. Puppy had no ID or microchip


**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This kitten was found on Nelson Drive and Windsor Drive, Harrisonburg, VA on 05/20/2024. It was found with no forms of identification.


**This dog is not yet available for adoption.** This dog was found on Lee Hwy, Timberville VA near Llama Ln/Graceland Dr. Dog has no forms of ID or microchip.


Layla is a sweet soul who’s looking for the perfect family to give all her love to! With her happy-go-lucky attitude, she’s always up for whatever adventures you have in store. She spent most of her time tied up outside, so she’s looking forward to all the luxuries that come with living inside a home! She may need some help figuring out how to live inside a home, but she’s a smart girl who loves to please her people! She’s lived with children and done well, but she can get jumpy when she gets excited, which may be overwhelming for smaller children. She’s also done well around other dogs and loves all sorts of people! Her favorite activities are sunbathing, playing with ball type toys, sticks, and being with her people! If you’re interested in meeting this sweet girl, come to the shelter today!


Denzel is a sweet and curious boy, on the search for love and a couch to sleep on. This guy will melt your heart with just one look! Weather it be being your personal shadow or the clean up crew for any food spillage, Denzel wants to be there for it all. He loves to run around and go for walks outside, but his favorite thing to do is being lazy with you! Come to the shelter today to meet this sweet boy!


Hello, I’m Zoya! I’m a bundle of sweetness and warmth. You’ll find me to be a friendly soul, always ready to cuddle up for some affection. I love to play, and I have an adventurous spirit. I’m shy at first but once I get to know you’ll we will be best friends. I get along with other dogs. I’m looking for a home with older kids. Despite my timidness, I promise to fill your home with love and joy. Adopting me would mean a loyal friend for life, and a chance to show you just how much love I have to give.


Daisy is a cheerful and adorable hound. She is around 1 year old and still has cute puppy features while being very trainable and great at relaxing. In her foster home, she is crated for several hours each day and all night long. She never makes a peep at night! She’s made a lot of progress with potty training. She’s very food motivated and is learning quickly on the leash. She knows “sit” and “come” and her name without distractions, and she’s starting to get those even when other fun stuff is happening. She follows her nose and is very cute and funny to watch. She’s really loving and gets so excited to see us when we get home. She’d make a great companion for anyone especially someone who has older kids and/or dogs who want to play then cuddle.


Hello, I’m Jinx! I’m a smart, independent fellow with a playful streak. My curiosity knows no bounds; I’m always on the hunt for new experiences and puzzles to solve. I’ve been known to outwit even the most complex toys! But don’t worry, I’m not all brains. I have a friendly side too. I love a good chin scratch and the occasional cuddle. My independent nature means I’m content doing my own thing, but I’m always up for a play session or a quiet moment together. Adopting me means gaining a loyal friend, an entertainer, and a confidante. I can’t wait to meet you and start our adventure together!


Hello there, I’m Blink! I’m an adult with a heart full of playfulness, friendliness, sweetness, curiosity, and smarts. I’m always on the move, full of energy, ready for a game of fetch or a good puzzle. I do have my quirks though; I can be a bit possessive of my toys and food, and I’m not too fond of other dogs when I’m on my leash, but I love to play with them in the play yard! Hey, nobody’s perfect, am I right? I’m a work in progress, learning every day. I know how to sit, paw, and lay down! With patience, love, and understanding, I know I can be your best friend. Adopt me, and let’s make wonderful memories together.