Hi there! I’m Lebron, a young, sweet, playful, and energetic fellow. My days are filled with curiosity and goofiness. I’m smart too, always ready to learn new tricks. I’m friendly with everyone I meet, even cats! I love kids, and I’m always ready for a cuddle or a game. I have a condition called luxating patella, but don’t worry, it doesn’t slow me down! I have lots of energy and I’m always ready to play. I’m a funny, cuddly guy who’s just looking for a family to love. I promise to bring joy, laughter, and a lot of love to your home. Will you be my forever family?


Hello there, I’m Jezebel! I’m quite the playful and curious gal. I’ve got a sweet tooth for affection and I’m always up for a good cuddle. I’m smart, loyal, and friendly too. I really love toys. I love to play with them, cuddle with them, and carry them in my mouth! I can be a little protective over my toys, so I’d prefer a home with older kids who understand that. Cats? They’re fine by me, but I prefer to be the only dog to soak up all of your love and attention. Now, I must admit, I’m a bit wary of men. A slow introduction works best for me. Once I feel safe, my loyal and loving nature shines through. I promise to be the best companion, offering endless love, loyalty, and playtime. I’m ready to find my forever home, could that be with you?


Hi there, I’m Earl! I’m a senior but don’t let that fool you, I’m as playful and curious as a pup. I love to explore and learn new things. I’m a bit goofy, but that’s part of my charm. I’m sweet and friendly, always ready to make new friends. I can be independent too, enjoying my alone time. I love being outside, feeling the sun on my fur and the grass under my paws. I have a bit of crate anxiety, so I’d prefer a home where I can roam freely. I get along well with older kids, we can have so much fun together! I’m looking for a family who will love me for who I am, quirks and all. If you’re looking for a loyal, fun-loving companion, I’m your guy. Can’t wait to meet you!


Hello there, I’m Blink! I’m an adult with a heart full of playfulness, friendliness, sweetness, curiosity, and smarts. I’m always on the move, full of energy, ready for a game of fetch or a good puzzle. I do have my quirks though; I can be a bit possessive of my toys and food, and I’m not too fond of other dogs when I’m on my leash, but I love to play with them in the play yard! Hey, nobody’s perfect, am I right? I’m a work in progress, learning every day. I know how to sit, paw, and lay down! With patience, love, and understanding, I know I can be your best friend. Adopt me, and let’s make wonderful memories together.


Hi! I’m Delilah! You might remember me from the RHSPCA Facebook page! I’m a young Staffie/Husky /German Shepherd mix with stunning blue eyes and a delightfully exuberant personality. I have come a looooooong way from when I first arrived here! I lived in a foster home where my family taught me how to sit, lay down, and paw, but meeting strangers can still be very scary for me. I need a family that is willing to take it slow with me and get to know me before I feel comfortable enough to do zoomies and jump in your lap, but once I know you I love belly rubs and playing with toys and most importantly TREATS! I think smaller critters like cats (and probably those pesky young kids) might steal my thunder so I might not work in a home with them, but I am learning how to play with other dogs and really love to romp around and play with dogs of similar size! Are you ready to join the Delilah fan club? Reach out to the SPCA today, and let’s make the adoption Facebook official!


Hi there, I’m Trout! I’m an adult, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve got a playful spirit and a heart full of sweetness. I’m a curious gal, always eager to explore new scents and sights. I’m also loyal, once I know you’re a friend, you’re a friend for life. I’m pretty smart too, I’ve learned a lot in my time here. I’m a little wary of strangers, but I warm up quickly with a bit of patience. And oh, I’ve got a torn cruciate, so I need to take it easy on the rough play. Also, I prefer to be the only dog in the house, I just want all your love to myself. Why should you adopt me? Well, I promise to fill your life with laughter, loyalty, and endless love. Let’s create beautiful memories together!


This kitten was found on Runions Creek Road, Broadway, VA, 22815 on 09/13/2022. The caretaker’s daughter brought the kittens in with intent to surrender them on their behalf, however, was unable to do so due to shelter policy.


This kitten was found on Runions Creek Road, Broadway, VA, 22815 on 09/13/2022. The caretaker’s daughter brought the kittens in with intent to surrender them on their behalf, however, was unable to do so due to shelter policy.


Hi there, I’m Allie! I’m an adult dog with a heart full of love and a mind full of curiosity. I’m smart and independent, but I love to play and make new friends. I’m always up for a game of fetch or a nice long walk. My playful energy is contagious, and I promise to keep you on your toes. I have a special diet, but it’s a small price to pay for my loyal companionship. I’m not a fan of cats or small animals, but I promise to be your best friend. I’m looking for a forever home where I can be loved and cherished. Adopt me, and I’ll show you just how sweet and loyal a dog can be!


Surely, the first thing you notice about me is how handsome I am! I am Monty – a playful and energetic lad. If you have a yard for me to play in, I promise that my zoomies will impress! I also love to play with my very favorite squeaky chicken toy! Then, after I’ve burned off a little energy, I’ll show you what a loyal and calm sidekick I was born to be! I will would do best in a home with adults or older children. I can be a little shy the first time we meet. Rest assured, we will make for fast friends. Visit me at the shelter today!