Spot is a very sweet, friendly, alert, attentive, quiet, and eager to please. For having spent his first four years in an outdoor pen, he’s adjusted great to indoor life at his foster home. He loves sleeping on the couch, playing with his foster sister, and sitting for treats. He’s well house broken so long as he’s given plenty of opportunities to go outside and is getting the hang of leash walking. He’ll be a wonderful friend to some lucky family!


Curtis’s dream is to audition for America’s Got Talent to show off all of his tricks, like jumping and getting the world’s fastest zoomies. This playful dude loves toys of all shapes and sizes, and he can keep himself entertained. If it seems like he’s ignoring you, he’s not. He’s just deaf! Curtis has been working on training with visual cues and has started to pick them up for “Sit” and “Down.” He is a fun-loving socialite who enjoys being the life of the party, especially if he gets belly rubs. Ready to catch a star? Visit Curtis at the shelter today!


Meet Rocky – he’s no underdog! Rocky is a four-year-old pit mix who is largely independent and enjoys doing his own thing. He walks very well on a leash and would love to show off for you! Because he has a big personality, Rocky would do best in a home with older children who display a level of maturity and understanding. Rocky loves the outdoors and would make a great adventure buddy! Stop by the shelter to meet him today!


Take a gamble on this guy and you’re sure to win! Vegas is full of personality that’s sure to keep you entertained. He is a sweet boy who loves to be around his favorite people, and he’ll always be up for cuddling. Vegas values loyalty and will be perfectly content with you never leaving his side. He’s not a big fan of crates because he knows it means that he’ll have to spend some time alone, but he is known to settle down after a few minutes and wait patiently for your return. This guy absolutely loves toys, especially the soft and squeaky ones, which he doesn’t always like to share, understandably! If you are looking for a playful companion, Vegas is the kind of dog who enjoys a rowdy play session. His personality is as big as life, and he’s sure to keep you entertained! If you’re interested in meeting Vegas, fill out an application today!