Putzy is a sweet and gentle boy. He is brothers with Tito and they are a bonded pair. Putzy loves sitting on laps and he is a very affectionate boy. He will greet you when you enter the room. He has lived with other cats and small breed dogs without issue.


Tito is a big boy. He is brothers with Putzy and they love each other very much. They are a bonded pair. Tito is shy at first but once he is comfortable, he is affectionate and loving towards his people. He has gotten along well with older kids, cats, and small breed dogs.


Hello, I’m Pig! Don’t let my name fool you, I’m all cat. I love to play, snuggle up for cuddles, and I’m quite friendly. I’m always ready for a good petting session or a fun game. I’m sweet as honey, which is fitting because my best friend is Honey. We’re inseparable. Dogs? No problem! I get along with them just fine. I’m just a happy, sociable guy who’s full of love to give. Adopting me means you’re not just getting a pet, you’re gaining a loyal friend, a loving companion, and a playful entertainer. And if you have room for two, Honey and I would love to join your family together!


Hello there, I’m Honey! I’ve got a heart as sweet as my name suggests. I’m full of playful energy and love to chase after toys. When I’m not playing, I enjoy a good cuddle. I’m a real people-cat, always friendly and ready to show affection. My best friend here is Pig. We’re inseparable, like two peas in a pod. And dogs? They’re just bigger, goofier cats to me. I get along with them just fine. I’m ready to bring joy and companionship to a loving home. Why adopt me? Because life is sweeter with Honey!