**This animal is not yet available for adoption.** This dog was found at the Piolet Travel Center on N Valley Pike, Harrisonburg VA near Windy Knoll. Dog has no forms of ID or microchip.


Hello, I’m Nala. I’m young and have a gentle spirit. I’m a bit shy, so I might need some time to warm up to you. But once I do, I promise you’ll see my sweet side. I love my independence, but I also crave companionship. New places and faces can make me a bit fearful, so slow introductions are best for me. I might need a little extra patience, but I promise I’m worth it. Adopting me means gaining a loyal, sweet, and gentle companion who will love you unconditionally. I can’t wait to meet you!


Are you looking to bring some new, fun energy into your home? Well look no further, because Goofy’s the guy for you! This sweet boy is sure to be a great companion dog, with his silly personality and his heart of gold! Goofy would be the perfect hiking companion or adventure buddy, but he’d also be a great addition to that one empty spot on your couch! He loves to please his people and loves any treat you’re willing to give him, which should help make training him to be the perfect boy a breeze! If you’re interested in meeting Goofy, come to the shelter today!


Hello there, I’m Liberty. My heart is as sweet as honey, and I’m as friendly as a summer breeze. I can be a bit shy, like a delicate flower waiting to bloom. I’m gentle, too, like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings. I confess, I’m a little fearful and can be nervous in new environments. But don’t worry, I’m just like an old book waiting to be read, I just need a bit of patience. I’m great with older kids, I find their lower energy levels comforting. Why should you adopt me? Well, with me, you’ll get a loyal friend who will love you unconditionally. I promise to be the sweet melody in your harmonious life.


Are you looking for a gentle giant to complete your family? Well look no further because Sven is the boy for you! Sven is 98 lbs of pure love and joy. He’s lived with other dog’s before and done well with them. Sven is a gentleman on and off his leash, preferring a short casual stroll over long walks. He also loves hanging out outside, making him the perfect candidate for a barbecue with the family, or just hanging outside on a nice summer day. He may be big, but his heart is bigger, and he’ll be the perfect addition to his furever family! If you’re interested in meeting Sven, come to the shelter today!


This adorable doggy is Tesla the bulldog! She is 75 pounds of pure love, and is eager to find a forever home where she can spend her days lounging around. She is an incredible walking buddy and loves to explore and birdwatch. After a long walk, she likes to come home and take a nice long nap on the couch. This little couch potato is house trained, loves to learn tricks, and will always greet you with a hand shake before asking for a belly rub. If you like a low energy dog who is still up for a nice walk, then Tesla is the companion for you!


Rose are red, my eyes are blue, and if you adopt me, I would love you! Anyway, hi, I’m Buddy! I’m a loyal companion, always by your side. I’m down for anything- playing fetch, going on adventures, chilling on the couch, you name it- as long as its with you. Naturally I’m a bit shy at first with new people, but once I warm up, I promise to be your bestest buddy (I get my name honestly!). While some kids and dogs are cool, I don’t do cats; they are not for me, yuck! I do, however, enjoy nice sunny days outside, especially when with my humans. Adopting me is adopting a best friend! Apply to meet me, Buddy!


Hello, I’m Eros! I’m quite the character, always exploring my surroundings with a curious eye. I’m independent, so I can keep myself entertained, but I’m also a sweetheart who loves a good cuddle. My intelligence will amaze you, I’m quick to learn new tricks and commands. I’m full of energy and ready for any adventure, be it a walk in the park or a game of fetch. My loyalty is unwavering, I promise to be your faithful companion through thick and thin. I can be a bit touchy when it comes to my hips being touched too much, so older kids are ideal for me. I’m looking for a forever home where I can share my love and zest for life. If you’re looking for a loyal, energetic, and intelligent companion, look no further, I’m your guy!


This handsome fellow is Bear! Despite starting out his time at the shelter quite shy, he is becoming more confident and less fearful every day in his foster home! We don’t know what kind of life Bear had before coming to the shelter but he’s proven to be a great house dog. He has gotten along with other dogs and has enjoyed the company of his foster sister and brother. He also loves walks and has come around to deciding treats aren’t so scary (and can actually be quite tasty!). He even paws for attention from his human fosters! This lovable guy will need slow introductions at first but a lifetime of love is worth some patience, right? Apply for Bear today!


Hello there, I’m Sadie. I’m a little shy when we first meet, but I promise, I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever know. New experiences make me a bit nervous, but with some patience and gentle encouragement, I’ll soon find my footing. I enjoy quiet times and I’m pretty independent, but I also love to be around kind-hearted people like you. I might need a moment to warm up to you, but once I do, we’ll be the best of friends. Adopting me means gaining a loyal, loving companion who will cherish every moment we share. Give me a chance, I won’t let you down.