Duke is looking far and wide across the realm for a family to treat him like the royalty he is. Although he is an older dog, he carries himself with an air of youth and independence. He prefers the freedom to roam over a leash walk, but any time outside is the key to happiness for Duke. Being left alone in a crate is anxiety-inducing for him, so he would do best in a home that can be patient with him as he gains trust in his people. He is ready to take his spot on the throne – I mean, couch! Visit Duke at the shelter today!


Winston is a loving old man who is looking for his forever best friend! He loves everyone he meets and loves sleep and food even more! Winston loves to be around people, so an ideal home would be someone who is home often. You will be lucky to have him around!


Ruger is an 87-pound, adult (7 years old) Plott Hound that was brought to us when his owner could no longer afford to care for him. Ruger is a loving and laid-back gentleman. He was an outside farm dog all of his life but is now looking for his perfect retirement home where he can lounge around on a couch watching the History Channel.

Ruger has gotten along with a dog before, but due to his tendency to guard food from other dogs, we recommend he be the only pet. If you are interested in Ruger, come visit him today!