Alice is just one of the nearly 1,000 dogs that came into our care this year.  It is through the support of our donors and supporters that we were able to save Alice.  And countless others in need.  Please consider making a donation to support our lifesaving work.


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Intake photo of Alice

Alice’s First Day

Alice, a twelve year old dog, was found roaming the streets in Broadway.  She was cold, disoriented and scared when she was brought into our care in October.

Health Exam

Alice was rushed to a veterinary partner for a thorough exam.  She was found to be suffering an upper respiratory infection and in dire need of a dental.  Her teeth were in terrible state and her mouth infected.

Foster Home

Dog’s with serious medical concerns like Alice are prioritized for foster placement.  Foster homes provide a low stress environment where the animals can be closely monitored. Alice had a chance to get settled into her foster home while we waited for an available appointment for her dental and tooth extractions.

Horrible Infection

Poor Alice had been suffering from a terrible infection in her mouth.  Years of neglect had caused her some of her teeth to rot and others to become covered in plaque. No wonder she was so underweight when she came to us – she hadn’t been able to eat.

Teeth Alice had extracted.

Tooth Fairy?

Alice had the majority of the teeth she had removed and started feeling so much better!  She was placed on antibiotics and pain medication to manage the discomfort while her mouth healed.  She was to continue on her diet of prescription food and yummy treats, to help her gain some much needed weight.

All Cleaned Up

The difference in Alice’s quality of life was immediate.  To not have decaying teeth in her mouth and to be able to comfortably eat her food made all the difference for this sweet little girl.

No ‘Cone of Shame’

Alice was fitted with an inflatable ‘e-collar’ to keep her from paying at her mouth while it healed and the sutures dissolved.  The inflatable collar was much more comfortable than the traditional ‘cone of shame’ – a hard plastic cone that is often used.  She greatly appreciated all the creature comforts and care she was receiving in her foster home.

Enjoying Life

Alice recovered quickly from her procedures and has been coming out of her shell ever since.  She loves her foster family and has been busy exploring all that life has to offer.  Long walks, snuggled in her jacket, are a favorite.  She’s fond of being around well mannered dogs and even learning to enjoy the company of new people.

The Best Christmas

Alice has made a full recovery and now ready for her new home.  The foster family is preparing for Alice to celebrate Christmas with them but hopeful that she will find an adoptive home to spend the holiday with.  A loving home that understands her need to spend her golden years in is the best Christmas present she could have!