**This animal is not available for adoption.**

This dog was found on Lawyer Road and Spotswood Trail, Penn Laird, VA on 06/12/2024. He was found wearing a collar with a broken lead.


**This dog is not yet available for adoption.** This dog was found on 6/11/24 at Clover Hill Rd, Dayton VA near Lilly Sq. Dog is wearing a collar, owner is known.


Molly went missing on 04/27/24 from Turkey Ridge Road near Tranquil Road in Standardsville, VA. She is wearing a collar and a harness and she is microchipped. She is timid around people.


Miley went missing on 06/01/24 from Rittenour Road near Senedo Road in Edinburg, VA. Has microchip.


Got a biscuit for your thoughts? Meet Biscuit, a young canine filled with energy and zest for life. This guy is no flaky pup, Biscuit’s days are filled with playful antics and curiosity about the world around him. He has a special fondness for older kids, finding joy in their company and games. His loyalty shines through, always ready to offer a comforting presence and a wagging tail for all. Biscuit’s curious spirit ensures he’s always ready to see where a new adventure takes him. Adopting Biscuit means inviting a bundle of joy and loyalty into your life, a friend who will fill your days with laughter and playful adventures.


Meet pretty girl Orah! (Pronounced oar-ah) She is a sweet 7-month-old German Shepherd. Orah is a little shy and unsure about new people/surroundings at first…but after a little affection she will warm right up to you and never want to leave your side! She loves belly rubs and has a particular affinity to balls as shown in this post (especially the squeaky ones)!! She’s very smart…a quick learner, and you can tell she’s eager to please! She does well on a leash and in the crate. Orah can be compatible around other dogs, although a lot of energy can be a little scary!! A mellow dog that isn’t so toy driven would be best for Orah…she doesn’t love sharing.


***This animal is not currently available for adoption***
Found stray on Rawley Pike Rd near Peak Mountain Rd in Hinton, VA. No forms of identification.


***This animal is not currently available for adoption***
Found on Rawley Pike Rd near Peake Mountain Rd in Hinton, Va. This dog was found with identification.


***This animal is not yet available for adoption***

This dog was found on 06/07/24 on Old Furnace Road near Smithland Road in Harrisonburg, VA. No known forms of identification.