* This puppy is a stray. It is not yet available for adoption *

It was found wandering along Old Furnace Road in the City of Harrisonburg on 05.31.23. It has no collar or microchip.

Kiera (Lost Dog)

Kiera was last seen on 05.23.23 at the Big Valley Ranch in Blue Grass Virginia. She was wearing a collar and is microchipped. He owners report she is very friendly and will likely come to you if you call her name.


* This dog is a stray and not yet available for adoption *

It was found in the area of Vine Street and Meadowlark, near the Sheetz store. He has no collar or microchip.


**This dos is not available for adoption.** This dog was found on South Main St, Harrisonburg VA on 5/30/23. He has a known owner.

June Bug (Lost Dog)

June Bug went missing on 05.28.23 from a residence on Lee Highway in Mount Sidney, VA, near BRCC. She is not wearing a collar and she may be very timid and skittish with strangers.


**This animal is not yet available for adoption.** This dog was found a little past Nesselrodt’s Greenhouse in Keezletown VA on 5/26/23. It has no forms of identification (collar, microchip, etc.)


*This animal is not available for adoption.* This dog was found Guinea Lane, Rockingham, VA, 22802 on 05/27/2023. The dog was not found have any forms of identification.


Simba went missing from the Edith J. Carrier Arboretum and Botanical Gardens at 780 University Blvd, Harrisonburg, VA, 22802 on 05/26/2023. He was last seen wearing a nylon/cloth collar.


Sometimes the world can be scary – Pudge thinks so! Especially loud noises and new people. Pudge is waiting for a family to take a chance on him and show him the good life. He is affectionate with people he trusts, and he easily switches into play mode when the tennis balls start flying! This handsome pup will take some time to bond with his new family, but patience is the key to his heart. Interested in learning more about Pudge? Visit the shelter today!


This dog was found running down Neff Ave, Harrisonburg, VA, 22801 near Anicira Veterinary Clinic on 05/24/2023. He was found wearing a nylon/cloth camo collar, and a non-pronged choke chain; the collars did not bear any tags. He is not microchipped.