This animal is not available for adoption.

Hello My Name Is: Susie

  • ID # 15469
  • Breed Terrier, Yorkshire, Yorkie
  • Gender female
  • Location Lost Pet
  • Color Brown/Black
  • Fixed Unknown
  • Age 8 yrs
  • Weight Unknown

Animal Info

Susie went missing on 12/05/2022 from David Dr, Shenandoah, VA, 22849. She went missing wearing a leather collar that was bearing tags.

The owner notes the following: “she gets scare really easily when calling her name. She understands when she’s told to get in the cage. Very people friendly and she’s always sticking her tongue out. Plus she has lost most of her teeth. She was wearing her collar with her tag. Tag has my in-laws address and phone number on it as well as her name. Collar was pink with some blue on it.”