Hello My Name Is: Curtis


  • ID # 15643
  • Breed Terrier, Pit Bull
  • Gender male
  • Location In Shelter
  • Color White/Black
  • Fixed Yes
  • Age 1 yrs
  • Weight 51.8 lbs
  • Adoption Fee $200

Animal Info

Curtis’s dream is to audition for America’s Got Talent to show off all of his tricks, like jumping and getting the world’s fastest zoomies. This playful dude loves toys of all shapes and sizes, and he can keep himself entertained. If it seems like he’s ignoring you, he’s not. He’s just deaf! Curtis has been working on training with visual cues and has started to pick them up for “Sit” and “Down.” He is a fun-loving socialite who enjoys being the life of the party, especially if he gets belly rubs. Ready to catch a star? Visit Curtis at the shelter today!