Cantina (Lost Cat)

This animal is not available for adoption.

Hello My Name Is: Cantina (Lost Cat)

  • ID # 17168
  • Breed Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender female
  • Location Lost Pet
  • Color Black
  • Fixed Yes
  • Age 1 yrs
  • Weight Unknown

Animal Info

Catina, along with a second cat, was lost on 06.26-23 from the Belmont Estates area of western Rockingham County. The second cat was found on 09.15.23 on the property of the RH-SPCA but Catina is still missing.
Catina is described as an indoor cat that is very shy, but calm. She will not run from strangers but she will likely freeze in place before coming closer to investigate. She was wearing a flea collar.