Hello My Name Is: Bunni


  • ID # 19797
  • Breed Mixed Breed (Medium)
  • Gender female
  • Location In Foster
  • Color Black/White
  • Fixed Yes
  • Age 2 yrs
  • Weight 37.4 lbs
  • Adoption Fee $200

Animal Info

Hello there, I’m Bunni!

I’m housebroken and will whine to go out. i only had an accident when my whining was ignored! I potty quickly on leash.

I do not chew on anything, even when left loose and unattended in the house for hours on end, even with my foster’s dogs and cats.

Did somebody say Food! I am definitely food motivated, but no counter surfing! I also know how to sit as soon as you pick up my leash. And my not jumping up is getting much better.

I LOVE to be with people. I like to follow my foster Mom around the house but will happily lay on the dog bed in whatever room she’s in, and I don’t pester.

I really enjoy car rides; and like to look out the window.

Since nobody’s perfect, I could use a gentle leader or something for walking. When it’s just me, I’m fine. But who doesn’t get excited when they see bunnies, other dogs, etc. I can pull HARD for a small dog. Not mean, just very excitable. I can even walk on my hind legs sometimes when I get really excited.

Okay, I’ll go in the crate, but it might take me awhile to settle. (Whine/barks for 15-20 mins sometimes.) I generally sleep through the night (does really well when the cats aren’t loose and wake her up). Foster Mom usually walks me at 1030-1130pm and then I go in my crate. Some mornings I don’t get up until 730. (Note from Foster Mom–and she’ll generally just sleep until I let her out. But the crate is not in our bedroom, so not sure how she’d be in the room. I also think she would be fine out of the crate at night. Only reason we crate her is there is not enough room in our bedroom for another dog bed and Peaches already sleeps on our bed and she would be MIFFED if Bunni also got to sleep on our bed.)

I do show resource guarding with other dogs. Nothing awful, but I growl about food and toys.

A couple of notes from my Foster Mom: Likes to chase cats. We have one cat that beats her up for chasing the other cats and she tolerates that well. She’s gotten beat upside the head by him a couple times, as well as chased across the room by him, and she actually looks a little contrite afterwards. My other two cats hiss but do run from her and she will chase them. She has not shown ANY aggression towards them, and she is left with them out when we’re not home and again, no problems.

Overall, she’s a very easy foster dog! Loves people, housebroken, doesn’t chew things up, smart and food motivated to learn. Has enough energy I bet she could do agility, but also content to hang around the house all day.