Hello My Name Is: Trout


  • ID # 15157
  • Breed Collie, Border
  • Gender female
  • Location In Shelter
  • Color Black/White
  • Fixed Yes
  • Age 7 yrs
  • Weight 52.4 lbs
  • Adoption Fee $150

Animal Info

Hi there, I’m Trout! I’m an adult, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve got a playful spirit and a heart full of sweetness. I’m a curious gal, always eager to explore new scents and sights. I’m also loyal, once I know you’re a friend, you’re a friend for life. I’m pretty smart too, I’ve learned a lot in my time here. I’m a little wary of strangers, but I warm up quickly with a bit of patience. And oh, I’ve got a torn cruciate, so I need to take it easy on the rough play. Also, I prefer to be the only dog in the house, I just want all your love to myself. Why should you adopt me? Well, I promise to fill your life with laughter, loyalty, and endless love. Let’s create beautiful memories together!